Haney strawberry and its features

There are hardly many people who do not like fragrant and juicy strawberries. In recent years, hanei strawberry has appeared in our country, a new American variety for us, obtained by crossing Vibran & Holiday varieties. This is not a remontant, but an ordinary mustache-propagating strawberry.

The variety has become widely known in European countries and is used for both industrial and amateur cultivation. Haney strawberries are distinguished by early ripening periods, but you should not rush to remove them until they acquire a dark cherry color and a strong shine, only by this time its taste has formed. The berries of this variety are large, weighing up to 50 grams, fragrant, of the correct conical shape, the taste is sweet and sour. They are characterized by high transportability and resistance to trade conditions. This variety is also famous for its high yield. The berries ripen together and remain large until the end of the harvest.

The strawberry bush itself is medium-sized and erect, there are few leaves on it, but it gives a lot of mustache. The flower stalks of the plant are strong and straight, the stalk comes off easily. Due to the early ripening period, the bushes are practically not damaged by gray rot. This strawberry is generally distinguished by its resistance to diseases, as well as frost resistance. He is not afraid of rainy weather, but he is susceptible to late blight.

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