Growing cucumbers in the video is not required

Growing cucumbers in the video is not required

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An interesting process is the cultivation of cucumbers in the video from the very beginning. It will not be difficult to get a useful product.


  • Why growing cucumbers in the video is interesting
  • How to grow cucumbers on the site
  • Preparing the soil for growing cucumbers
  • Planting cucumbers in the country

Cucumber is an annual herbaceous plant that represents the pumpkin family. From a nutritional point of view, this is a product of little value. It mainly consists of water, but it is prized for the large amount of mineral salts that it contains. Also, the list is supplemented by useful substances and trace elements. More precisely, among them there may be:

  • phosphorus,
  • calcium,
  • magnesium,
  • iron,
  • iodine,
  • manganese,
  • copper.

Cucumbers are used when it is necessary to whet the appetite. They are useful because they serve the following purposes:

  • Improving digestion.
  • Fight kidney disease.
  • Heals the heart and liver.

If we talk about a variety of varieties, then there will be no shortage of them either. A large percentage belongs to monoecious dioecious plants, which means that they have female and male types of flowers. Females grow singly, groups of several are rarely found in the leaf axils. Male inflorescences are usually represented by 5-7 flowers. Fruit formation is organized on female flowers, while male flowers are barren flowers.

Almost all varieties have a liana-shaped stem of a branching species, a stem, and also a highly branched root system.

The main volume of roots develops in the ground, at a depth of about 20-40 cm. Cucumber roots are highly sensitive to heat.

How to grow cucumbers on the site

In order to grow cucumbers on the site, you need to create a high temperature. Seeds sprout at temperatures of at least 13-15 ° C.

The desired soil temperature is 20-25 ° C. In the soil of the cold type, the roots function poorly, this greatly slows down the growth and development of the shoot, leading to its death. They grow very well when high temperatures of soil and air are combined with special air humidity.

Preparing the soil for growing cucumbers

To get a substantial harvest, the soil must be prepared. In autumn, a plot of land is cleared of weeds and plant debris, and dug up. Add about 2 tablespoons to the soil per 1 m2. lies. superphosphate substances, 1 stack. ash.

In the spring, the beds must be insulated. From the end of April, various rubbish must be taken out in the sun. In early May, it warms up. Then it is suitable for use as a basis for the beds. You also need to moisten it with hot water.

Then the soil must be pressed, the holes are set in a diameter of 25-30 cm. It is convenient to place them in a checkerboard pattern, a distance of 70 cm. It's time to prepare a solution of potassium permanganate. Its composition is 2 g per 10 liters of ordinary water. They treat the soil, 2 liters of solution for 1 m2. Then you need to pour wood ash or chalk, 2 stacks. per 1 m2. The treated area is covered with foil.

Planting cucumbers in the country

Sowing cucumbers is best in May. The first fruits should appear after 50-65 days. The sowing time is calculated so that the seeds will sprout after frost. It is recommended to get seedlings in advance, and then they are planted in the open field. The cultivation technology is the same for greenhouses and for open field conditions. 2-3 seeds are sown in the soil mixture of one hole. When shoots appear, the 1st feeding is done. Potash fertilizer is recommended.

The second feeding is carried out with the same fertilizers. This is done before landing in the actual open ground.

Planting seedlings is appropriate when the sprout already has several leaves. Then feeding consists in adding a mullein solution (volumes 1: 6). This should be done 2 weeks after planting seedlings.

If a high yield is expected, mineral fertilizers are not enough. In the spring, there is a need for a small amount of humus. There is enough pinch for a hole or furrows, directly during sowing and planting. And in the spring it is useful to sprinkle 150 g of ash.
In the fall, the soil is dug deeply. The cultivation of cucumbers on the site requires this for better maneuverability, good air permeability, etc. In the fall, the earth must be deeply dug up. In early spring, they also dig up heavy, swollen soil.

Planting is best done through areas of 70 cm, and in rows the seeds are spread every 7-10 cm.
It is customary to close up cucumber seeds at least 3-4 cm. For better germination, many alternate the depth in one hole. Then you can expect that in case of an error with the depth, a seed will germinate with a different planting. But you do not need to bury them deeper than 8 cm.Then planting cucumbers in the video will give better results.

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