Ancient health benefits of coriander - good to know

Is it any wonder that the beneficial properties of coriander have long been known. But the beauty and health of skin and hair has long been taken care of.

Coriander and its benefits

Have you decided to plant coriander? This small-flowered plant is known for its flavor characteristics. This plant is also called "Chinese parsley". In Asia, cilantro has long been known as a seasoning. 5 thousand years BC it was already known about coriander. Its leaves contain spice, and the seeds contain spices. What can you say about its characteristics?

  • Chewing coriander kernels is known to slow drunkenness and the smell of alcohol is reduced;
  • Coriander oil serves as an assistant in the assimilation of heavy foods, and also removes toxins;
  • With cilantro, a wide variety of foods are digested faster, and the feeling of heaviness does not remain;
  • It is believed that coriander is popular among centenarians - for example, in the Caucasus;
  • Its composition is complemented by ascorbic acid, as well as carotene;
  • There are also vitamins B and P.

It is known that coriander helps to improve the functioning of the cardiovascular system, as well as the organs of the digestive tract. The blood receives nourishment, the condition of the blood vessels improves. There are antiseptic, diuretic and choleretic effects. Serves as a good quality pain reliever for gastritis, helps with stomach ulcers. Psoriasis - a skin disease - has been treated with cilantro for a long time.

It is not recommended to overuse the herb. Sleep may be disturbed, menstruation in women goes astray. 4 grams of seeds are safe, no more than 35 grams of foliage. Then the beneficial properties of coriander will not be harmful.