Perennial flowers

Perennial flowers my garden is my favorite flowers. It is interesting to watch how they grow, gain color and blossom, giving their extraordinary beauty. The aromas of flowers intoxicate and bewitch. There are many beautiful ones in my gardenperennial flowers and each is beautiful in its own way. It is impossible to give preference to any one. I adore and admire everyone.
Roses with an exquisite aroma and a variety of colors are beautiful. Numerous varieties surprise with their diversity - hybrid tea, polyanthus, park, climbing. Hybrid tea roses are best planted in groups; park and climbing roses are good for individual plantings. For landing, you need to choose a sunny place, protected from strong winds. In the shade, roses grow and bloom poorly, and are susceptible to disease. The soil is desirable light fertile. Care consists in timely watering and constant loosening and weeding. During the season, it is necessary to carry out 2-3 fertilizing. Spring care - now is the time to pay attention to the care of roses in the spring. First of all, it is necessary to remove the winter shelter (it is better to remove the shelter in two stages so that the bushes adapt faster after winter), clear the soil of debris and carefully loosen it, then remove all the black frozen shoots, cut out the broken and diseased ones. Further, to carry out the correct formation of the bush, the shorter the pruning of last year's shoots is carried out, the more replacement shoots will grow and the more magnificent the flowering will be. At this time, it is necessary to carry out the first fertilizing with fertilizers. Wonderful lilies have found a place in my garden. Delicate lovely flowers that amaze with their bizarre shapes and curved petals. Varieties of oriental lilies intoxicate with an extraordinary aroma, especially in the evening. Many new unusual varieties appear every year. Lilies have been growing in one place for several years, nutritious soil with good drainage is needed for planting. This is a rather unpretentious flower and deep watering, weeding and loosening is necessary for proper care. If the lily is very tall, it makes sense to make a support and tie it up. When cutting the peduncle, it is always necessary to leave about 20 cm of stem, for the accumulation of nutrients in the bulb. Flowers are responsive to fertilizing with mineral fertilizers. Beautiful lilies are always appropriate in the garden. I love peonies. I grow red, pink, burgundy, but especially good white. You are simply delighted with their beautiful appearance and wonderful smell. Theseperennial flowers grow in one place for many years. For planting, they prefer a sunny, spacious place. Very unpretentious. The main care is watering, weeding and gentle loosening. During flowering, the bush is strewn with huge adorable flowers and requires compulsory support and a garter. Watering should be done carefully under the root so as not to soak the flowers. Different varieties have different flowering times. Early reds are the earliest to bloom. There are many beautiful ones in my garden perennial flowers andannuals, you can't tell about all of them at once. All of them are beautiful from unpretentious calendula to a gorgeous rose, all bring beauty into our life and delight with their flowering.

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