The rarest flowers

The rarest flowers. I adore flowers, the most different - cute pretty daisies and cornflowers, regal roses, gorgeous chrysanthemums and fantastic exotic ones. Today we'll talk about the rarest flowers found on our planet. Due to human neglect of nature, many flowers are attributed to endangered species.For example, the Kokyo flower that grew in Hawaii is recognized as an extinct species. One of the most amazing colors of the Gibraltar resins growing in the mountains of Gibraltar, is on the verge of extinction. It is now grown in the Royal Botanic Gardens of London and the Gibraltar Botanic Gardens. A flower of amazing beauty, the Jade vine or strongylodon large-clasped, is on the verge of extinction. This unusually beautiful flower liana belongs to the legume family. Home of the tropics of the Philippine Islands. It blooms with amazing blue-green bunches of unusual shape. Just a miracle of nature. Another unusual flower - Chocolate cosmos or chocolate cosmos, grows in Latin America. The plant is quite unpretentious with flowers of various shapes and many colors. A flower with a magical chocolate-vanilla aroma that attracts people and insects. Flowers bring joy and beauty to our lives. It is a pity that due to human fault, many plants disappear without a trace. It is necessary to take good care of nature and protect the nature around us, and live in harmony with the world around us ..

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