Planting onions before winter

Planting onions before winter... It is very convenient, I am happy with the results. What is the advantage of such a planting ... Well, firstly, I planted an onion in the fall and is free, I forgot about it. In the spring, as you know, there is so much work that you don’t know what to do in the first place. Secondly, the onion rises early in the spring and quickly builds up its green mass. Thirdly, a longer period of time for growth and maturation. Fourthly, onion sets are cheaper in autumn than in spring, and this matters. I want to share my method of planting onions in the winter. I definitely buy onion sets intended for planting before winter. Last year I planted the Raddar variety, this year I purchased the Forum variety. I prepare the garden in advance, at the end of August I sow phacelia or mustard on it to improve the structure of the soil. Somewhere on September 20, I mow the green manure, grind it, water it well and leave it for 10 days. Then I form a bed and make grooves for planting at a distance of 15 cm from one another, pour a little ash or dry crushed mustard seeds. I plant the bulbs to a depth of about four centimeters and cover them with earth. I cover the garden a little from above, laying dry stalks of Jerusalem artichoke or peas on it (this is for better snow retention, otherwise the snow can blow off completely). That's it, planting is over, now until spring. Good harvest to all. I advise you to read information that is interesting for you .. Read more about the Old Believers onion .. Subscribe to new mailings - there will be a lot of interesting things.

Watch the video: easy Winter Sowing (January 2022).