Hybrid tea rose: history of origin and the most popular varieties

The history of the emergence of hybrid tea roses takes us back a century and a half ago to the nurseries of the French breeder Guillot. Her parents were Chinese tea and remontant roses. All roses known before 1867 belong to the class of old roses.


  • What roses are hybrid tea
  • Descendants of the progenitor of hybrid tea roses
  • Original varieties of hybrid tea roses from other nurseries

What roses are hybrid tea


  1. The height of the bush is 60-80 centimeters.
  2. The leaves are large, shiny, from bright green to red-green, depending on the variety.
  3. The flowers are large, up to 15 centimeters in diameter, conical, goblet or cupped. They can have up to 70 petals. They retain an attractive appearance even when fully blossomed.
  4. Petals of all kinds of colors, from monochromatic to mixes of two or three shades.

Unlike old roses, hybrid tea can have several buds on one branch at the same time. To achieve its most marketable appearance, rose growers remove excess flowers and leave one of the most beautiful buds on the stem.

Descendants of the progenitor of hybrid tea roses

Today, the Guillot rose nursery is flourishing and offers a huge number of flowers to the attention of gardeners:

  1. La France. This rose is worth having in your garden, even because it is the progenitor of all modern hybrid tea roses. It differs slightly from other flowers in this group with a weaker stem that does not support a heavy silvery pink bud. But this does not detract from the beauty of delicate fragrant petals, the number of which reaches sixty. Blooms throughout the summer. Characteristic strong sweet aroma. The height and volume of the bush reaches a meter. It can tolerate temperatures up to minus 23 degrees.
  2. Emilien Guyot. The variety is dedicated to one of the descendants of the famous rose dynasty. It has incorporated all the distinctive features of the Guyot brand. Red-orange buds, reaching 12 centimeters in diameter, have a strong fruity aroma, somewhat reminiscent of apricot. When blooming, they acquire an ideal cup-shaped shape. Bush size: height up to a meter, diameter - 70 cm.

Roses Meilland

French company serving a third of the global rose market. Some of the most popular and beloved flowers by gardeners are bred here:

  1. Gloria Day. Leader in gardening affection for decades. She took root in many countries, even got her own name in each. The bush, reaching a height of two meters, ends in magnificent huge buds. Each of its three dozen petals begins with a rich, bright yellow base and ends with a pale pink border. The flower is beautiful in any degree of openness. Abundant flowering, re-flowering.
  2. Charles de Gaulle. Belongs to the group of so-called "blue". It is known that there is no blue pigment in the chromosomes of roses. Therefore, the many years of efforts of breeders in breeding flowers, the color of which even remotely resembles blue, were crowned with real success when this rose appeared. Its petals are pale lilac in color, showing all their beauty in partial shade. Differing from their relatives in relatively modest color saturation, the rose prefers solitude. And only then will he be able to express himself and attract attention.
  3. Meilland's whim. Gorgeous, classic buds have a rich cherry-raspberry color, which becomes lighter in the middle. The petals are very dense, beautifully curved at the ends. The aroma is strong, memorable. It was for him that the rose was awarded many awards. Medium bush: 1 meter in height, 80 cm in diameter.
  4. Meyan's roses are recognizable by their name. They all bear the names of people famous all over the world: Victor Hugo, Louis de Funes, Michelangelo, Honore de Balzac, Edith Piaf, Christopher Columbus, Julio Iglesias. All varieties have large double buds, they bloom from May to frost and are distinguished by good winter hardiness.

Roses of Tantau

Born in Germany, roses are destined for success. After all, German origin is a special brand. Rose Nursery "Tantau" is more than a hundred years old. The most popular hybrid tea roses of Tantau selection:

  1. Superstar. The classic representative of her species attracts attention with the amazing salmon-orange color of the petals. It is impossible to take your eyes off them - the buds are so beautiful. The height of the bush reaches 80 cm. It blooms continuously from June to September. Grows well.
  2. Barcarole. Refers to roses, in which the more open the bud, the more beautiful they are. It is a representative of classic red roses. The petals are velvety, shiny, folded in the shape of a glass, lighter towards the middle. The bush is high, up to a meter, with large light green leaves. Flowering is continuous.
  3. Black Magic. The red color of the buds is so dark that it seems almost black. Although the size of the flower is not very large, it reaches no more than ten centimeters, but its shape attracts attention with its ideality. Each petal is beautifully bent downward. The aroma is barely perceptible. Spreading bush, reaches one and a half meters in height and a meter in diameter.
  4. Blue perfume. "Blue Rose. The color is purple lavender. Elegant buds of medium size. The petals have uneven edges when blooming. The aroma is very rich and strong. The dark foliage beautifully sets off the delicate color of the petals. The bush is twenty meters high. Eighty centimeters in diameter.
  5. Augusta Louise. A new variety that has already become a favorite among fans of unusual roses. The color of its petals is even difficult to determine - it changes depending on the lighting. It shimmers with all shades of pink, peach, golden. The buds are huge, up to 15 cm, regular shape. Fruit aroma, pronounced. Compact bush: up to a meter in height, 70 cm in diameter.
  6. Sherri Brandi. Chameleon flower. Unopened salmon bud. The petals of the open flower are light cherry on the outside and red-orange on the inside. Has a pleasant fruity aroma. The bush is medium, almost devoid of thorns.

Roses of Cordes

Another German kennel that competes with the previous one. Many roses of the selection of Cordes have already been allocated to a separate group for their frost-resistant characteristics:

  1. Valencia. The delicate color of this rose, created by nature itself, can be seen in any garden, among thousands of her fellow tribesmen. He's so amazing. People have not yet come up with a name for it. Some call it amber yellow. Others are peachy-golden. Only by seeing a rose can you understand what is at stake. Large flowers with a strong aroma bloom profusely on bushes, reaching a height of one and a half meters. The leaves are dark green, well set off the transparent purity of the petals.
  2. Blue River. The buds are spherical, with swirling petals. The petals are pale lavender with a crimson edge. It tolerates heat well. Medium bush, height up to a meter, volume not more than 70 cm.
  3. Berolina. Beautiful buds of bright yellow color with a transition to almost white at the tips of curved petals. As it blooms, the color brightens to a delicate lemon. The ideal shape of the flower in any degree of its opening. The aroma is strong. The bush is high, up to one and a half meters, and a meter in volume, fast-growing, trouble-free in growing.
  4. Limbo. An extraordinary creation with a delicate lemon-yellow bud color. Under certain lighting conditions, the buds can appear completely green. Petals with wavy-toothed edges. The variety is included in the group of rare. The aroma is weak. The bush is low, compact, almost without thorns.

Original varieties of hybrid tea roses from other nurseries

Sphinx. Rose of the Dutch breeders. It has a rich yellow color and beautiful wavy edges of the petals. The bud is great in any degree of disclosure. Flowers reach no more than 7-8 centimeters in diameter. The aroma is light. Low bush, up to 70 cm.

Abracadabra. The brainchild of American breeders has won the love of lovers of variegated roses. It is impossible to determine the color of the petals unequivocally - you can find all possible shades of red, yellow, white and brown on them.

The shape of the bud is conical, the petals, as the flower blooms, acquire a pointed shape. The flower is large, up to 12 cm in diameter, on a thick stem with many thorns. Pleasant, long-lasting aroma. The bush reaches a height of one and a half meters. Often gardeners successfully form a small tree from it.

Fiesta. The rose appeared only a few years ago, but has already won the sympathy of rose growers with its unusual delicate color. All pastel shades of pink, cream and yellow are collected on the petals. The aroma is delicate, barely perceptible. The bush is low, compact, no more than a meter in height.

Avalanche. The result of the work of Dutch breeders. Snow-white petals with an emerald shimmer fascinate with their purity. The buds are large, classical in shape, with a delicate aroma. Sprawling bush no higher than eighty centimeters.

Big Pearl. The variety was bred by a New Zealand fancier. The darkest purple rose known. Very large flowers, up to 16 cm in diameter. They can change their color to crimson. The color depends on the season, weather and place of growth. Has a classic rose scent. The bush is very large, one and a half meters high and a meter in diameter.

This, of course, is not the whole list of the most popular hybrid tea roses. Today, hundreds of their species and varieties are known. Each gardener can independently choose varieties that are more suitable for his taste, which will make his garden inimitable and individual.

The florist will tell you about the features of hybrid tea roses in the video:

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