Homemade maple or abutilon: features of cultivation and reproduction

Homemade maple is suitable for growing in any region where there is sun and fertile soil. It does not require complex care, and even an amateur can cope with reproduction.


  • Description of the plant
  • Home maple tree care
  • Reproduction and possible pests

Description of the plant

Scientifically, home or indoor maple is also called abutilone. This plant is popular in home cultivation, flower growers appreciate it for its long flowering and high decorative effect.

Under natural conditions, abutilone grows in subtropical and tropical zones. The plant came to us from Brazil, it is also widespread in India and Africa. It is difficult to list all the variety of types of domestic maple, there are also shrub forms and trees.

Botanists also managed to breed hybrid varieties, the leaves of which are distinguished by variegated coloring. The flowers of the domestic maple are double or smooth, with pubescence at the bottom. The color of the petals can be very diverse: purple, violet, red, pink, orange, cream and white. Most often, the amazonian or hybrid abitulon is grown.

The plant got the name "maple" because of the peculiar shape of the leaves, the leaf blade is pointed, its edges are carved, resembling maple. The plant does not require special care, the tree grows quickly and is not prone to parasites.

Homemade maple leaves can grow from 10 to 20 cm, shoots are brown-purple. Abutilon flowers are bell-shaped, their length is from 4 to 8 cm, the flowering period begins in May, ends in October, each bud opens for a short time, but the flowers constantly renew each other.

Growing indoor maple trees can grow up to 2 meters. Growing up in the garden, abutilone will delight the eye for only one season, if you provide a reliable shelter for the winter or move it indoors, then the life span is extended to 5 years. It can grow longer, but it will become less colorful.

For growing indoor maple in the house, places are bright enough, but which are not exposed to open sunlight.

Variety of types of abutilone:

  • hybrid
  • striped
  • Darwin
  • Bella
  • megapotamian

Each of them differs in shade, shape and size of the flower, the size of the plant itself.

Home maple tree care

It is simple to take care of the plant, it is important to follow a few rules and Abutilon will thank you for it with active growth and lush flowering. Highlights:

  • selection of a variety suitable for a given region
  • choosing the right location
  • preparation of breathable loose soil
  • choosing the right pot size
  • chlorosis prevention
  • timely watering
  • pruning
  • feeding

On the street, the plant needs to be covered or moved indoors before the onset of cold weather. Since the plant came to us from the tropics, it likes an increased temperature regime. If in the growing region the temperature does not drop to 10-12 degrees in winter, then no measures can be taken.

It is important to provide your home maple with plenty of light. Abutilon reacts negatively to drafts and winds, so it is grown on the site near walls or fences. In the apartment, it can be taken out onto the balcony, but not under open windows. In winter, the pot with the plant is exposed on the windowsill.

You need to water with soft water at room temperature, watering is provided abundant, in summer the plant is sprayed. In winter, watering is limited to moderate, spraying is done only under the condition of dry indoor air.

In the summer, the plant needs fertilization, which is applied every 10 days. Both mineral and organic fertilizers are used, alternating between them. Approaching winter, the period between dressings is increased, for example, in the fall they are already beginning to fertilize once a month.

For planting abutilon, it is necessary to choose the right soil mixture. For self-preparation, the following ratio is used: 3 parts of clay-sod land, 2 parts of humus and 1 part of deciduous land. Part of the sand is added whenever possible.

Indoor maple trees need to be transplanted into a larger pot every year as the root system develops rapidly. When growing a maple at home, some problems can arise. If the leaves began to fall in winter, subject to proper storage in the cold season, then the air humidity may be too low, and this may also indicate that the maple does not have enough watering.

If the plant has not bloomed, then you may need to pick up a smaller pot in diameter. Flowering occurs only when the roots envelop the entire area of ​​the pot.

Reproduction and possible pests

If a domestic maple gets sick, then most often this is due to a spider mite, aphid or scale insect. The fight against them is carried out in the same way as on other plants. The affected leaves are removed, the plant is treated with a special solution, the conditions of detention are changed. If the plant is exposed to the open sun, then the leaves, especially young ones, can get burned. It can stay in the sun for no more than 4 hours. During flowering, it is also not recommended to rearrange the plant to another place, it may react badly.

To reproduce abutilon, you need to wait for July, the deadline for breeding is September. You can use the cuttings or seed method. Cuttings of young shoots are placed in the ground and covered with glass or polyethylene, there should be no access to oxygen. When the roots appear, the plant is transplanted into a separate pot, the shoots are regularly cut off so that they are more branched, a crown is formed.

Every year, the land is replaced with fresh, pruning is done in the spring.

To propagate home maple with seeds, they are sown at the very beginning of spring in boxes or other containers in nutrient soil, the seeds are covered with sand on top. The surface is covered with glass, the container is transferred to a well-lit place. In order for the seeds to germinate, the temperature in the room must be at least 20 degrees Celsius. After 3 weeks, the first shoots can be seen.

The seed method makes it possible to obtain a unique variety from professional botanists. The main requirement for seeds is their freshness and usefulness. Only green-deciduous species of abutilon are propagated by seeds. If you sow a plant in winter and spring, then in the summer you can observe flowering.

Vaccination is also done, it will not be possible for a beginner to do this, although you can try. With the help of grafting, you can get the signs of several varieties at once on one tree.

For grafting, young abutilones of several varieties are taken, a cut is made at the height of the main one and other cuttings are combined under the bark. This place is fixed with fum tape or cling film. Vaccination is covered with a bag for a while.

Growing homemade maple is easy. Bright flowers will delight the owners and guests of the house for a long time.

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