The most common raspberry varieties in Ukraine

Raspberries are a berry that has many health benefits. But if we talk about growing raspberries many years ago, then there was no mention of the usefulness of this product, it was grown primarily because of its taste characteristics.

Many delicacies were made from the berry, such as jam or compote, it was also frozen to be used later for desserts or for other purposes. Some will say that raspberries do not ripen all the time, but today raspberry varieties have appeared in Ukraine, which allow you to harvest twice in one season.

Modern breeding does not stop there, and a wider selection of the required variety appears, which can satisfy the requirements of any consumer. You can buy a certain variety of raspberries in different places - it can be a market, a store, or there is another modern way - buying via the Internet (it is also very interesting, since you can see a photo of the plant and a detailed description of the variety).


  • Repair raspberry
  • The best varieties of raspberries

Repair raspberry

This is a new bred raspberry variety that grows and yields very quickly. Such raspberries are mainly planted in the fall, in winter it does not suffer (it easily tolerates winter), and in the spring it already begins to bloom and you can harvest very quickly, the same process is monitored next spring. And at this stage, the term of her life ends. This is certainly not very happy, but always where there are huge pluses and minuses.

There are a lot of remontant varieties today, since our science is developing very rapidly and there are very new species, and here are the main ones:

  • Hercules
  • ruby necklace
  • gold autumn
  • penguin
  • golden domes and others

If you decide to grow such a raspberry, then you need to build on all possible advice, since it has its own characteristics, taking into account which it is possible to grow this plant correctly, and now you can use the following tips:

  1. To get started, you can purchase several varieties, namely some of the mid-early and the rest of the mid-late varieties of raspberries. If we talk about ordinary raspberry varieties, then they give a result only after two years. And remontants give a harvest in the first year and this is a very big advantage for people who want to see the result at an early stage.
  2. Do not forget that there are different varieties and each of them needs special care, but this does not mean that it is very fragile and any weather conditions can affect it. Basically, such raspberries easily endure winters, only some of them need additional insulation.
  3. In order to increase the yield of raspberries, agricultural techniques are used. The bottom line is that in early spring or autumn in the first year, part of the bush in the center is carefully removed, and then new shoots will grow, which increase the number of berries.

Repaired raspberries are a very convenient way to quickly and efficiently grow tasty and healthy raspberries.

The best varieties of raspberries

There are a lot of raspberry varieties in Ukraine and each of them is special in its own way.

"Yellow giant" - this yellow berry is considered one of the largest, even the name speaks about it. Raspberries of this type occupy one of the first places in terms of yield, but only if all the conditions of correct agricultural technology are observed.

Berries of this type reach the size of a walnut. Plants of the variety grow in bushes and reach sizes up to 2.5 meters in height. In the fall, the tops of the plants are cut off in order to get a richer harvest next year. Raspberries do not need to be covered for the winter, since the plants are not afraid of frost.

"Mirage" - they have an average berry size. Easy to grow as the weather does not generally affect the yield of the plant. "Raspberry tree" is a very beautiful plant with a height of 1.8 meters. The plant has smooth leaves, no thorns are observed at all. Medium-sized berries are located very closely to each other, especially at the tops. The danger can be observed from cold and lingering rains.

"Cardinal" - the berries of this variety are quite large, the length of some berries reaches up to 10 centimeters. It is red in color, but the berries themselves are not very sweet. But there is one problem, which is the small harvest.

There are many more good varieties of raspberries that are popular in Ukrainian gardens and give their owners a good harvest. Today everyone can find for themselves a special raspberry variety that would meet all the requirements. And in order for your harvest to be fruitful, you need to follow some rules for the care and growth of the plant.

Comparison of the most popular varieties of raspberries in the video:

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