Miracles in the garden, or DIY crafts at their summer cottage

Nowadays, there are many decorative elements in the trade network for decorating the garden. These are garden sculptures of large, medium and small forms, various arches, supports for plants, swings, lanterns and other additions to landscape design.

But nothing gives that individuality as do-it-yourself crafts at their summer cottage.


  • Tent, hammock, gazebo
  • Garden sculptures
  • Flowerpots, props, arches

Tent, hammock, gazebo

The main ideas for creativity can be divided into three groups:

  • crafts for the rest
  • crafts for beauty
  • crafts for decorating plant compositions

During the heat of summer, it is pleasant to relax not within the walls of the house, but in the open air. To do this, you can quickly and inexpensively build a recreation area with your own hands in a cool part of the garden or near a reservoir.

A hammock, an invention of the South American Indians, is perfect for a short break. You can fix a homemade hammock both on strong branches of nearby trees, and on a frame knocked down from a bar or planks. This frame can be moved and installed anywhere in the garden.

The hammock bed can be made of durable canvas fabric or a thick mattress. Stitch the wings along the edges of the cloth, into which to pull strong ropes or slings. The size of the panel depends on the desire of the master, it is quite enough to take 2 - 2.5 meters in length, 1.8 - 2 meters in width.

The lightweight tent can be set up at no extra cost. In the chosen place, dig in four or six wooden supports with a height of 1, 8 - 2 m. Connect them around the perimeter with slats or thin PVC pipes. The roof can be made from a piece of durable, moisture-resistant material, and the side walls can be made from inexpensive organza or tulle. In general, such tents can be decorated with any fabrics and materials at hand.

When arranging a garden gazebo, you need the same frame as for a tent, and make the walls of the gazebo "alive" from plants for vertical gardening:

  • maiden grape
  • clematis
  • honeysuckle honeysuckle
  • actinidia
  • climbing roses

From old folding beds and other furniture, you can make mini - corners for relaxing in the garden, installing them both on the ground and making a hanging swing out of them. Old logs and stumps are suitable for creating makeshift benches.

Garden sculptures

You can show your artistic taste by creating small and large sculptural forms in the garden.

River pebbles and large boulders can serve as an excellent natural material for such crafts. By selecting them by size, you can get a family of ladybirds sitting down to rest on a blooming flower bed. You can turn gray stones into bright insects using aerosol cans with black and red paint, and if you take yellow and black colors, you can get a bee or a wasp from the stones.

A variety of shapes can be built using wire, cement, polyurethane foam. Bending the frame in the shape of a hedgehog or a frog, throw it with a trowel with a solution of cement and sand, with the help of polyurethane foam, give the final look, paint the structure with the same spray paint.

You can take ideas for images of garden sculptures from numerous children's cartoons or come up with your own. While walking in the forest, you can stock up on fancy branches and snags. They can be turned into any fabulous or folkloric creature, covered with varnish or paint for durability, and decorated with textiles.

To arrange plant compositions, you can build fancy flower beds and arches with your own hands.

Flowerpots, props, arches

You can build an original flowerpot for planting flowers with your own hands from any available material.

Having an old bathtub for bathing a child, you can make a Green's sailboat under scarlet sails. Fill the container with garden soil, dig in masts from slats or old pipes. Cut the sails from an old tarpaulin or awning, paint them scarlet with spray paint. Fasten the sails to the masts with old ropes. Small phloxes, nasturtiums, marigolds, petunias can be planted inside such a flowerpot.

From any old box and the remains of a tile, you can build a mosaic flowerpot. Based on the color scheme of the existing tiles, come up with an ornament or a plot. Break large pieces into smaller pieces with a hammer. Make a mixture of cement or plaster for laying tiles. Lay out a mosaic on each side of the box, selecting pieces of tile by color and size, wipe the seams with the rest of the mixture. Any nondescript pot with petunia, hydrangea, begonia and any flowers can be installed inside such a box.

Even the walls of an outdoor garden toilet can be decorated with tile mosaics.

When constructing arches or props for vertical gardening, you can use everything that is at hand: wooden slats, remnants of PVC pipes.

Ideas and materials for DIY crafts at their summer cottage can be found in the most unexpected place, it remains only to put them into practice.

Making a hammock for a summer residence in 2 hours, instructions on the video:

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