How to care for Victoria in the spring: feeding and planting

How to care for Victoria in the spring: feeding and planting

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Victoria is one of the garden strawberry varieties that has a sweet taste and wonderful aroma. And right now, you can lay the foundation for a large harvest of this delicious berry.


  • Spring berry care
  • Landing in spring
  • Top dressing Victoria: rules and features

Spring berry care

Spring is the most beautiful time of the year. But, despite the warm and warming sun, which so relaxes many people, the gardeners are entering a crucial stage. After all, it is in the spring that many things need to be done, thanks to which the plants will get stronger and recover after a cold winter.

Strawberries are no exception. This berry is very whimsical and requires a careful approach to itself. The spring period is the most responsible, since the harvest in summer will depend on how well the strawberries were looked after in the spring. So, with the onset of spring you need:

  1. Remove frozen bushes. This process is inevitable, since not all plants can withstand the winter.
  2. Dry and yellowed leaves must be removed from the bushes so that the remaining and good ones receive as much food and water as possible.
  3. Clear the bed from dirt and old grass. This should be done because strawberries love cleanliness.
  4. It is good to loosen the soil and make beds so that it is more convenient to water and feed it.
  5. Feed to compensate for the lack of all the essential nutrients that were used up during the winter.
  6. Water. This should be done about once a week. But if the weather is very hot, then you need to look at how dry the soil is.

Spring care is the most important stage, since the plants are very weak after winter and require increased attention. And, as a rule, if everything was done well in the spring, the land was fed, watering was timely, and the cleanliness of the beds is always at its best, then in the summer you can expect a good harvest.

Landing in spring

Most often, strawberries are planted in the spring. In order to plant the bushes, you need to perform several actions:

  1. First of all, prepare the ground. Strawberries cannot be planted in plain and unfertilized soil. This needs to be done in the fall, since if you fertilize the soil in the spring, just before planting, it is unlikely that it will be saturated with the amount of minerals that is needed.
  2. Dig a bed into which about 6 kilograms of humus and mineral fertilizers should be added.
  3. After the bed is dug, fertilizers are added, it is necessary to make several combs to make it more convenient to plant.
  4. Then one cat is taken and planted in these combs. In this case, it is necessary to maintain a certain distance, about 30 centimeters between the bushes themselves. As for the rows, the distance between them should not be less than 60 cm.

After planting, especially when it was done in the spring, it is necessary to take good care of the strawberries. As mentioned above, this is a very whimsical plant. In order for the bushes to take root, you need to constantly loosen the soil so that it is saturated with oxygen, water it so that the plant always has water, and also weed the garden, that is, remove all the weeds.

Many people believe that since strawberries grow in the forest and give so berries, then there is no need to follow the garden. Quite the opposite, garden strawberries require increased attention.

Also, due to the fact that strawberries are considered a very whimsical and capricious plant, it is recommended to change the location of the garden every 3 years. Many gardeners note that in the third year the bushes give a lower yield, despite the fact that the care was excellent. But after the location of the garden was changed, the yield doubled. This indicates. That the plant used all the nutrients that were available in this area of ​​the garden.

It is best to plant strawberries in the spring, because our winters are very cold, and the bushes that have not yet matured may not take root.

Top dressing Victoria: rules and features

As mentioned above, proper fertilization of the soil plays a huge role. After winter, strawberries need as much minerals and water as possible, which, unfortunately, cannot appear in the soil just like that.

That is why fertilization plays an important role. And it must be carried out until the plant begins to grow intensively:

  1. You need to take one tablespoon of ammonium sulfate, mix it with two glasses of manure (and cow manure) and add the resulting mass to ten liters of water. After that, it is necessary to stir well, and pour about three glasses of the resulting mass under each bush.
  2. In May, shortly before the strawberries begin to bloom, you need to feed it again. This will require a teaspoon of potassium sulfate and two tablespoons of nitrophosphate. Dilute the resulting mass with ten liters of water, and pour 2.5 cups under each bush.

From how well the spring care of strawberries was done, its yield will be the envy. Do not be lazy, because the plant will appreciate your work and give a wonderful and tasty harvest.

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