Growing dahlia from seeds: rules and features

Growing dahlia from seeds: rules and features

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Dahlias are beautiful, original, and, most importantly, flowering plants that are unpretentious to care for. They bloom for a long time, almost until the first frost occurs and do not require any special care for themselves.

However, flowers differ in one feature, which is that for the winter it is necessary to dig up the tubers of flowers and store them until the onset of warm spring days.

In most cases, it is this fact that causes panic among many gardeners. But today there is an excellent alternative to this method, which consists in sowing seeds, from which beautiful flowers will grow in the future. This method is available in the case of growing a crop for only one year. For two or more years, it is already necessary to use tubers. This method is used to reproduce a large number of varieties, but they all differ in small growth.


  • Sowing variety
  • Planting dahlias by seeds
  • Features of the planting process

Sowing variety

Today you can buy any variety of dahlias, each of which amazes with its bright and rich colors. But how do you choose the exact variety that will be suitable for planting with seeds?

When choosing a variety, first of all, you need to pay attention to what height the plant has. This information can be found on the packaging in which the flower seeds are sold. It is good to grow varieties from seeds that are of short stature.

But many experts agree that it is best to make your choice on a mixture of several varieties. As a result, you can get a beautiful flower bed of flowers that will have the same height, but each will have a different bright color. You can independently combine plants by color. The main advantage of plants that are short in stature is that they begin to bloom much earlier than other flowers and even other varieties of dahlias.

The most popular varietal mixtures for planting dahlias include the following types: Harlequin Mix

  • Dandy
  • Piccolo
  • Children of the Bishop
  • Rigoletto mix

Planting dahlias by seeds

First of all, as with any other seedlings, it is necessary to prepare the soil for planting flower seeds. In order for the flowers to bloom in the spring and feel good, it is necessary to harvest the soil in the fall.

For this, elements such as sand, humus and sod are taken in equal shares and mixed thoroughly. After which the mixture must be sieved so that no large lumps remain in it. Next comes the process of warming up the soil at a temperature of 120 degrees Celsius and disinfection with potassium permanganate.

The process of sowing dahlias from seeds can be carried out from the last days of March to the end of the first April decade. Growing dahlias from seeds can be carried out in special seedling boxes, micro-greenhouses and peat tablets.

The first shoots of flowers can already be found in a week - one and a half after the seeds have been planted in the soil. At this time, it is necessary to remove the film from the surface, and move the container with seedlings to a bright and warm place. In order to prevent the seedlings from stretching in the future, it is necessary to carry out the process of additional lighting. As soon as 2-3 flower leaves appear, the seedlings can be dived into separate small containers.

During the transplanting process, all seedlings should be buried along the cotyledons. In order to ensure good growth, one flower will have enough capacity, which has a volume of 200 ml, so you can use a regular, disposable plastic cup for transplanting. But in advance in such a container, it will be necessary to make a hole that will serve as a drain for water.

Taking care of dahlias is quite easy and simple, there are no tricks here, the plant is distinguished by its unpretentiousness. It is necessary to water the flowers as the soil dries, sometimes you can use mineral fertilizers as a top dressing for the soil. The main thing is to ensure that the soil moisture is at a normal level - excess moisture can cause the development of fungal diseases of the plant, and its lack will lead to drying out of the leaves.

You can transplant flowers directly into open ground in mid-May. But before that, the flowers must go through a hardening process, for which they must be placed in a greenhouse, which is located outside. It should be noted that flowers can only be planted in the ground, which has warmed up enough after winter, therefore.

If the spring was not distinguished by warm days, flowers will have to be planted by the end of May. From possible frost, which often occurs in May, at night it is necessary to cover the dahlias with non-woven material. When transplanting, it is also important to take into account such a moment so that the earthen lump is preserved intact, in this case the adaptation of the plant to new conditions will occur in a fairly short time.

Dahlias are flowers that love a lot of sunlight, so it is best to plant flowers on the south and sunny side. For normal growth and flowering, the soil must be fertile, allow air and moisture to pass through well, be loose and airy.

You should not get carried away with fertilizers that contain nitrogen, this applies in general to all flowering plants. In the case of dahlias, it is best to use fertilizers that are high in phosphorus and potassium. After fertilization is applied, it is necessary to immediately wate the flower, this procedure will prevent the appearance of a root burn.

After the flowers are planted in the open ground, it is necessary to water them, also as the soil dries, and especially monitor the state of moisture during the dry period. After 10-14 days, after the dahlias are planted in open ground, it is necessary to fertilize the soil with a mineral composition.

To stimulate growth and flowering, it is necessary to regularly remove buds that have already faded. During the summer period, the roots should grow enough and by the fall it will be possible to dig up the tubers for the winter, in order to plant them next spring.

Features of the planting process

  1. If containers made of plastic or clay were used to store seedlings, then two hours before planting the plants in open ground, the plants should be abundantly watered with water. Cups made of peat or paper can be buried in the ground directly with the seedlings.
  2. The flower bed should be in a sunny place, and protected from strong, cold and gusty winds, therefore, a place for planting dahlias must be prepared in the fall. You can fertilize the soil with manure in autumn, and by spring a good place for planting flowers will already be prepared.
  3. According to a previously conceived scheme, it is necessary to create small pits. The main thing is that between each of the dahlia bushes there is a sufficient amount of space, on average from 15 to 30 centimeters. The higher the grade, the more space we leave.
  4. Each hole should be additionally treated with ash and compost. We thoroughly mix such fertilizer with the ground, plant seedlings. If the flower has already given the first leaves, then it is necessary to bury it up to the level of the first leaves of the cotyledon type.
  5. Water the seedlings with a little water, the soil around the newly planted flower should be loosened.

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