Growing spruce: features of collecting and preparing seeds

For many people, the spruce is associated with the New Year holidays, the expectation of something magical. But besides childish and naive associations, the forest beauty also has medicinal properties: it purifies the air, has a beneficial effect on the nervous system and respiratory organs.

You can grow your own seedling yourself with a minimum of effort. Conifers will die if they are planted where vegetable crops were previously located.

Peat fertilization is a prerequisite for good spruce growth. Spruce can be propagated in two ways: by cuttings and by seeds.


  • Soil and planting material
  • Growing methods and planting spruce
  • Features of spruce care

Soil and planting material

The most popular among gardeners are blue spruces. They are unusual in appearance and undemanding to climatic conditions. The soil for blue spruce should be neutral or slightly acidic.

The best option would be soil mixed with coniferous soil. Loamy or sandy loam soil is also suitable. The soil can be prepared independently or purchased ready-made and processed in a specialized store. Spruce will grow well in high humidity.

The most affordable way is grafting. Plant winter cuttings in a greenhouse. It is important to maintain optimum humidity and temperature. Cuttings will not take root outdoors. This method of reproduction will give the result 2-3 times faster.

The result depends on the correct collection of planting material. You can buy ready-made seeds on the market or get them from ripe buds. The planting material must be of high quality, therefore, when buying, you should pay attention to the manufacturer. If possible, it is best to prepare the seeds yourself.

It is recommended to collect planting material in winter. To do this, collect the cones, fold them into a loose cloth and place them next to the heating devices. After a while, they will open themselves and the seeds can be easily and without damage to be obtained.

After that, they must be cleaned of the lionfish and rubbed. To remove essential oils, the seeds must be rinsed with water and dried.

The obtained seeds are stored in an airtight container in a cold place: a refrigerator or on a balcony. Previously, wet sand should be poured into the container and the seeds should be disinfected with a solution of potassium permanganate. In this state, it must be stored until spring.

Seed preparation can be simplified a little. About a week before planting, keep the seeds in cold water for several days, and then for 2-3 days in a damp state in the refrigerator. The seeds are ready for planting.

Growing methods and planting spruce

Spruce should be planted in the spring, when the temperature reaches 15 degrees. Before planting, the seeds should be removed from the container and treated with Fundazole solution. To prepare the solution, you will need 20 g of the substance per 10 liters of water.

Seeds are planted either in a greenhouse or in a regular pot. Before starting planting, the soil must be moistened. It is not necessary to bury the seeds deep into the ground. The recommended distance from the surface is 1.5 cm, from each other - 3-5 cm. Place the seeds, cover with peat and sawdust. During the entire germination period, the soil should be well moistened.

After the completion of the burial procedure, the soil should be covered with a transparent film. The seeds should not be exposed to direct sunlight. With proper planting, the first shoots should appear within a week. At what speed the seedlings will grow depends on the variety and the growing process.

If the seedlings are too close to each other, then they must be thinned out and only strong and healthy shoots should be left. The optimum distance between seedlings is 6-7 cm. The soil should be loosened very carefully so as not to damage the root system of young shoots.

It is not necessary to water the seedlings; it is not necessary to spray them enough 2 times a day. During the first month, the sprout grows up to 4 cm. The blue color of the spruce does not appear immediately, but after 3 years.

It is recommended to carry out a transplant no more than once every 2 years. Usually, a spruce is transplanted in the first year of life, when its height reaches 10 cm. The transplant should be carried out in the spring or autumn before the onset of frost.

Features of spruce care

For the first season, young spruce must be fed with a mullein solution diluted with water. The aisles should be covered with fallen leaves or peat. Transplanting conifers is recommended in extreme cases. Frequent transplanting does not allow you to grow a beautiful and strong plant.

If the needles of young seedlings turned yellow or began to fall off, this means that the thermal regime was not observed. So that in the future the spruce does not finally die, it is necessary to change the living conditions of the needles and use a bioregulator. This method helps to maintain the immunity of eating.

The needles lost their shine and began to dry, which means that the soil needs to be acidified. This problem can be solved by adding a little acidic soil to the top layer. It is important to monitor the soil pH and avoid exposing the roots. The soil can be watered with vinegar or a special fertilizer can be purchased.

Young seedlings are quite susceptible to low temperatures, so they should be protected from frost. For the winter, the rhizomes must be earthed, lightly sprinkled with peat and covered.

Greenhouses in which spruce trees are planted must be ventilated every day, removed condensation water and moisten the soil as necessary.

The first shoots must be removed from the weeds, as they slow down the growth of the spruce. It is not recommended to plant spruce near groundwater and in flooded areas. It is also not recommended to plant a coniferous plant in elevated and wind-blown areas.

The technology of growing spruce trees is simple. It is important to prepare seeds for planting in time, and then take proper care of young spruces.

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