Choosing potato varieties for the middle lane

They say: "potatoes are the second bread." And to write down all the recipes for cooking potato dishes, not a single cookbook is enough.

Each gardener strives for a high harvest, and in order to achieve it, it is not enough to take care of it correctly, you also need to know which potato varieties are suitable for the middle lane.

There are 4 types of potato varieties:

  1. early varieties - recommended for summer eating, not stored for a long time;
  2. medium early - these varieties are for short-term storage, exclusively in cold warehouses;
  3. mid-season - the most popular potato varieties for central Russia;
  4. late-ripening varieties - practically do not ripen in our region.

Based on the long-term experiments of agronomists, it is possible to make a selection of potato varieties that are most suitable for growing in central Russia.

The most fruiting potato varieties

Early maturing varieties:

  • Luck - high yielding, resistant to wet rot and viral diseases;
  • Friendly - productive, resistant to bacterial rot, cancer, scab.

Mid-early varieties:

  • Condor - has a yellowish color and an elongated shape, the culture is resistant to viral diseases;
  • Latona - does not boil over, is not afraid of late blight and cancer;
  • Romano - has large tubers, is resistant to photofluoride and pathogenic viruses.

Mid-season varieties:

  • Slavyanka - resistant to nematodes, cancer and viral infections;
  • Hybrid 14 - a productive variety, resistant to bacterial cancer;
  • Roko is a high-yielding variety that can be stored well.
  • Bronnitsky - high-yielding, resistant to photofluorosis, fusarium, ring rot.

Many agronomists are tricky - they plant several varieties of potatoes at once. Any one will definitely give a big harvest.

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