When to sow strawberries for seedlings: basic rules for growing

Strawberries are a delicious berry that grows everywhere in gardens. Even in the smallest areas, there is almost always a place for this berry crop.

A lot of varieties with a wide variety of characteristics, size, taste of berries, and periods of fruiting speaks of love for the plant.

Strawberries are propagated with the help of a mustache, more precisely, with root rosettes that are formed on them. However, given the characteristics of some varieties, the berry is very often propagated by seed.

We will try to figure out when to sow strawberries for seedlings and how to care for them later in order to get a good harvest.


  • Sowing dates of strawberries for seedlings
  • Important points of growing strawberry seedlings, varieties
  • Choosing a strawberry variety

Sowing dates of strawberries for seedlings

Most often, amateurs plant strawberries with rosettes, which are located on the mustache of the plant. They either take them from their plants, or buy them in nurseries, shops, markets.

Seedlings of popular or new varieties of strawberries are sometimes unreasonably expensive, much more expensive than the amount of berries that one bush will give.

Seed propagation is much cheaper, but many people find it laborious and unaffordable.

Varietal seeds can be selected at a reasonable price in the retail network or collected by yourself.

In addition, it should be borne in mind that no mustache varieties are now popular, so the skills of growing strawberry seedlings from seeds will be useful to lovers of this berry.

From an economic point of view, self-procurement of seeds is beneficial. To do this, choose bushes of the desired variety on the garden bed, or simply strawberries that you like in taste and size.

A well-ripe berry is removed from the bush and allowed to lie still. Then, with a knife, they peel off the top layer with seeds, smear them on paper and dry them. Store dry seeds in paper bags before sowing them for seedlings.

The timing of sowing strawberry seeds depends on whether the seedlings are intended for spring or autumn planting in the ground.

The main difference in these terms is that from seedlings planted in the fall, next summer there will be a full harvest of berries.

From spring plantings, there will either be no berries at all, or the harvest will ripen completely scanty. Only remontant varieties can please with a sufficient number of berries at the end of summer.

In order for the seedling to become stronger by the time of planting in the ground and have a developed root system, real leaves and give the first berries in the current season, it is better to sow strawberry seeds at the end of January or in the first ten days of February. The difficulty with such sowing is the need for additional lighting.

For planting in the ground in the fall, strawberry seeds are sown for seedlings in April - May. Such seedlings will be ready for transplanting to the garden by the beginning of August.

Thus, two main periods can be distinguished when strawberry seeds are sown for seedlings - these are January, February and April, May. Although, depending on climatic conditions, there may be deviations from these terms.

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To successfully obtain planting material, you need to know some of the features of growing strawberries from seeds.

Important points of growing strawberry seedlings, varieties

Soil pretreatment

The land for sowing seeds should be well decontaminated by any available method. You can hold it for half an hour under a quartz lamp or steam it at a temperature of + 150 degrees in the oven for at least half an hour.

In this case, you can start sowing after the soil has cooled down.

Seed stratification

To accelerate the germination of strawberry seeds, they can be placed for five to six days in a room where the temperature is not higher than + 5 degrees.

For this, the lower box of the refrigerator or a glazed unheated loggia, a greenhouse are also suitable. If possible, the seeds can be sprinkled with snow.

In addition to stratification, seeds can be soaked for a day in a solution of potassium permanganate or any growth stimulant.

Sowing seeds

It is necessary to sow seeds into the ground at a distance of 2 - 5 cm. They are laid out on top, without embedding to a depth.

This can be done with a toothpick, a sharpened match, or small tweezers.

Before the emergence of shoots, the soil must be sprayed from a spray bottle, avoiding drying out.

There is a practice of keeping seeds in a transparent bag in sunlight in a humid environment, and when a seedling appears, plant it in the ground. Sowing on peat tablets has proven itself well.

The emergence of seedlings, leaving

The first shoots may appear on 14-15 days, but very often strawberry seeds begin to germinate only after three to four weeks. Cases of emergence of seedlings after 35 - 40 days are known.

In the first weeks, the seedlings need regular watering, but they are so thin that it is better to do this with a small syringe, dripping a few drops next to the seedling.

To maintain the humidity regime, the container must be covered with a perforated transparent film. Holes in it are needed to prevent the accumulation of condensation.

The film can be removed when the first pair of true leaves appears.

It is optimal to transplant seedlings to a permanent place in the stage of three to four true leaves.

Choosing a strawberry variety

For amateur cultivation, you can recommend strawberry varieties:

  • Desna, early
  • Kokinskaya early
  • Corrado, medium early
  • Festivalnaya, average
  • Lord, middle
  • Cardinal, mid-late
  • Bogota, late
  • Queen Elizabeth, remontant
  • Yellow miracle, remontant
  • Snow white, decorative

If the experience in growing strawberries from seeds was crowned with success, then in a year the number of bushes of beardless strawberries can be doubled by dividing them after the end of fruiting, and from varieties that give a mustache, it is better to take planting material from bushes of the third year of life.

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