Features of breeding champignons at home

Features of breeding champignons at home

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Pickled, fried, baked champignons are a delicacy that will leave few people indifferent.

If you started thinking about growing mushrooms at home, then information about the features of planting, care and cultivation of mushrooms will be useful to you.


  • Features of growing champignons at home
  • Planting mycelium - take the process responsibly
  • It's time to reap the long-awaited harvest

Features of growing champignons at home

Champignons are rightfully considered one of the most popular types of mushrooms. They have a pleasant taste.

The hostesses add mushrooms to soup, pancakes, and also marinate delicacies. Growing champignons at home is a difficult process, but if you apply enough strength and desire, then the mission will be feasible.

First you need to decide on a place for planting mushrooms. A dark, cool place that can maintain high humidity is ideal.

Experts recommend paying special attention to the choice of soil, since the result that you get depends on it.

The best soil option for growing mushrooms is compost. It should consist of 30% rotted straw and 70% horse manure.

Naturally, you can use other types of humus, for example, cow, bird. Although the yield will decrease slightly.

Prepare the mushroom substrate in an open area that is protected from sun and rain.

Naturally, you can use an enclosed space, although this can play a cruel joke with you - the fermentation of soil components release ammonia and carbon dioxide, which is hazardous to health.

Correct calculation of the components of the substrate for an area of ​​3 m:

  • 100 kilograms of straw
  • 70% manure per 100 kg of straw
  • 2 kilograms of urea
  • 2 kilograms of superphosphate
  • 8 kilograms of plaster
  • 3 kilograms of chalk

First you need to deal with the straw. The straw must be soaked and laid in 3-4 layers. During the laying process, each layer of straw needs to be moistened, and in addition, you use about 400 liters of water.

The next step will be the addition of superphosphate, chalk, urea. The components are thoroughly mixed with each other and added to the layers of straw.

It's time for the compost to burn. After three weeks, the compost will be ready. Make sure that excess moisture and direct sunlight do not get into the substrate.

We found that composting is the key to successful cultivation of mushrooms at home.

For better combustion of the compost, it is necessary to use a special stack that reaches a height of 1.5 meters.

Planting mycelium - take the process responsibly

To get a harvest, you need to use high-quality, selective, sterile mycelium, which is grown in special laboratories.

In stores, you can find two types of mycelium - grain and compost. It is better to give preference to the first option, since it is such a mycelium that takes root well at home. It does not require special care.

Check the quality of your purchased mycelium. High-quality grain mycelium should be stored in special plastic bags, the date of issue and storage conditions should be indicated on the bag.

Press lightly on the mycelium, if it is springy, then this is a high-quality mycelium, which, if properly planted, will give a good harvest.

Stages of planting mycelium:

  • Loosen the soil slightly with a rake
  • Scatter grain mycelium over the surface
  • Sprinkle with soil
  • Moisten the area with water

Now came the most difficult stage of mushroom cultivation. It is necessary to observe thermal, water and humid conditions. The ideal temperature for mushrooms is 26 degrees Celsius.

Do not forget that air humidity should not go over 70%. Experts recommend placing a single layer of newspaper on top of the substrate to maintain proper moisture.

After 8 days, the substrate with mycelium must be sprinkled with soil. Covering soil can consist of peat, chalk and part of the garden land.

It is also necessary to lower the air temperature to +17 degrees. Do not forget about the ventilation of the room. However, ventilate the premises with care; there should be no drafts.

As you can see, planting mycelium does not require special skills and knowledge. However, you must remember that during the incubation period, the mycelium requires special care.

Do not forget about proper watering, acceptable humidity and room temperature.

It's time to reap the long-awaited harvest

The procedure for growing mushrooms, from the composting period to the appearance of the first white caps, takes about 4 months.

Naturally, the growth and development of mushrooms depends on the conditions that you create for the "mushroom plantation".

Harvesting should begin when the stem of the mushroom has reached the 1 centimeter mark. The champignon is carefully twisted out of the soil, and the substrate is watered.

Fruiting lasts from 7 to 14 weeks, during which time 8 waves of the crop can be harvested. About 9 kilograms of mushrooms comes out from one square meter, and this, you must admit, is not a bad figure.

Which mushrooms are better to refuse:

  • if the stem or cap of the champignon has become brown, discard the mushroom immediately
  • wormy mushrooms are also not recommended for food
  • give up blackening mushrooms

The process of growing mushrooms at home is not only an interesting but also a profitable business. Very often, mushrooms grown on their own are sold in the markets, and by the way, they are more appreciated by buyers.

Champignons are grown at home, they will delight you with their wonderful taste and aroma! Planting these mushrooms can be a rewarding step now.

Video about the correct growing and caring for mushrooms:

Watch the video: How to grow oyster mushrooms at home on cardboard (June 2022).


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