Growing onions for a feather for the needs of the family and for sale

In the conditions of a long winter period, with a lack of sunlight, lack of a sufficient amount of fresh vegetables and fruits, the issue of growing greenery is relevant both for the needs of the family and for implementation, as an option for a small family business.

The simplest solution is to grow onions on a feather.

For yourself, this can be done on an ordinary windowsill, and for the production of green onions for sale, a greenhouse and additional costs for growing products will be required.


  • How to properly organize the forcing of greens
  • Green onions on the windowsill
  • Growing green onions for sale in a greenhouse

How to properly organize the forcing of greens

Green onion feathers are an excellent and affordable source of vitamin C in winter. For the needs of the family, it can be grown on a windowsill.

If you organize the planting correctly, then onion greens will be present on the table every day, which will help the body to transfer the winter period and avoid avitominosis and weakening of the immune system.

For forcing greens, you can take onions of any type of onion. However, if possible, it is better to use medium-sized shallots. A family bow is also suitable.

These onions produce more greens and grow to the desired size faster than conventional onions.

Choosing onions for forcing on a feather, one should give preference to bulbs of medium or smaller size, which have a well-developed root area and a tip that has started to grow.

Rotting bulbs are not suitable for forcing. If the green cone has not yet appeared, then the top can be cut off with a sharp knife.

Video on how to properly plant a bow on a feather:

Green onions on the windowsill

Selected bulbs are cleaned of several layers of dry cover scales (husks) and soak for several hours in warm water.

You can grow green onions both in the ground and using the hydroponic method. Any soil is suitable for onions, the height of the pot is about 15 cm.

The soil layer should be at least 7-8 cm. Embed the bulb 2/3 into the soil. Plant the bulbs very tightly, since as the green feather grows, the mother bulb will decrease in volume.

If there is not enough space, you can place a "vertical" bed, arranged in a five-liter bottle from under the water. Having poured a layer of earth on the bottom, cut a series of holes around the circumference in which to place the bulbs, then pour another layer of earth and a new row of holes and so on to the very top.

Onions grow well at a temperature of +18 and in good sunshine. But for the first 5-7 days of planting, you can keep in a semi-dark room.

After about 15-20 days, the green onions are ready to be cut. There are two ways to do this. Cut off the feather and wait for regrowth if strong onions were used.

If the planting was carried out with shallots, then remove them together with the onions, and do the same if the greens are obtained from onions - sets.

Growing green onions in water is a hydroponic method. Here it is important to place the bulbs so that only the roots touch the water, otherwise the bulb itself will begin to rot.

You can use a suitable pot, pour water on the bottom and put cups with holes in the bottom in it and put onions in them.

To always have green onions on the table, it is worth having several plantings with a difference of a week.

If the onion chased on a feather on the windowsill is enough only for the needs of the family, then having a small greenhouse, it is possible to organize the cultivation of vitamin products for sale.

Growing green onions for sale in a greenhouse

If there is at least a small heated greenhouse on the site, then at the end of August, you can lay the first planting of onions on greens for sale.

The feather will reach commercial size by the end of September, that is, at a time when there will be no more green onions from open ground. Consequently, such products will always be in demand by the consumer.

For planting, it is better to take a freshly harvested multi-point bow. Early and medium varieties of onions with a semi-spicy taste are suitable.

It is important that the bulb is out of dormancy by the time of planting. If such varieties cannot be found, then you can plant multi-tiered onions, batun onions, and slime onions.

From December, you can plant shallots on greens in the greenhouse. And ordinary onions can be planted on greens as early as March. Onion samples of such varieties are suitable:

  • Spanish 313
  • Kaba
  • Karatalsky
  • Krasnodar G-35
  • Troitsky

For cultivation in a greenhouse, it is most convenient to plant onions in small, low boxes measuring about 60 by 60 cm.

Any loose soil with medium acidity will do. There are no special requirements other than a sufficient amount of light, temperature and watering to obtain a harvest of green feathers.

It is important to collect and carefully deliver the green onions for sale. When calculating the estimated profit, it should be borne in mind that from one kg of planting bulbs, approximately 2 (two) kg of green onions will turn out.

It should also be said that the more green onions are grown for sale, the lower their cost and the greater the profit.

Watch the video: Planting Onions Family Plot (September 2021).