Tall tomatoes: varieties and cultivation features

Tall tomatoes: varieties and cultivation features

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Today the tomato is considered one of the most popular vegetables. For example, one vegetable has concentrated as much vitamin C as it needs for the body per day. There are many varieties of tomatoes. Many gardeners plant tall tomatoes in their garden beds, which have some peculiarities regarding planting and growing.


  • Tall tomato varieties
  • Benefits of growing tall tomatoes
  • Landing features
  • Good advice

Tall tomato varieties

There is more than one variety of tall tomatoes. They all ripen in different periods. The most popular varieties are distinguished:

  1. Alyonushka. This is an early type of tomato. It will be possible to harvest the crop after 80-100 days after planting. One tomato can grow to a large size, up to 1 kg.
  2. Miracle of the earth. This variety also ripens quickly. This will take about 90 days. One fruit can weigh about half a kilogram.
  3. Midas. This variety will take a little longer to ripen. It will be possible to harvest the crop after 110-120 days. But the fruits are not heavy, they reach 100 grams.
  4. De Barao. It is also a popular tall tomato variety. It usually takes about 130 days to mature. The plant is able to bear fruit for 3 months.

Benefits of growing tall tomatoes

There are some advantages of growing tall tomatoes. To grow such tomatoes, a large area is not required. This allows you to save land, energy. Fewer bushes are planted, so less time is spent on leaving. About 10 fruit clusters may appear on one stem.

If gardeners grow tall varieties, they harvest more when compared to short tomatoes. Fruits take a long time to appear. Harvesting can be done until late autumn. The suburban area is being transformed, as such tomatoes give it a good appearance.

Landing features

To grow tall tomatoes, reap a good harvest, you should adhere to some planting rules. You need to prepare the soil in the autumn. To do this, you should add manure to the ground. But also in the spring, top dressing should be carried out. But not only manure should be used as fertilizers, but also potassium chloride. You first need to grow seedlings. This procedure should be done several months before the planned planting. The seeds can be harvested by yourself, but they are also sold in stores. Before planting, the seeds should be soaked in a special solution. To do this, add a small spoonful of nitrophoska or wood ash to a liter of water.

This solution moistens a bag of cloth, and then put the seeds in it. It is necessary to monitor the temperature of the prepared liquid. It should be at least 25 degrees.

After the performed procedure, the change is left in the refrigerator for several days. But before that, you should wrap them in a plastic bag. In this way, hardening is carried out. Then the soil is prepared. To do this, mix the following components in equal amounts:

  • peat
  • turf soil
  • humus

Video about pinching and caring for tall tomatoes:

After that, one spoonful of potassium sulfate and urea are added. The result is the desired mixture. It should be heated in the oven for a third of an hour. After that, the soil must be moistened and poured into containers. Then you can start planting seeds. The distance between them should be about 2 centimeters. Do not water the soil from above. After the work done, the containers with the planted seeds are placed in a sunny place where the temperature reaches 22 degrees. After some time, when the seedlings grow, they are planted in open ground. Do not forget that the plant may develop late blight. To prevent this from happening, you should think about it in advance. Tomatoes need to be ventilated if grown in a greenhouse.

Good advice

When the plant is planted in open ground, care must be taken to keep the seedlings fresh. If it has been lying for a long time, then the first flowers may wither, which affects the harvest. It is recommended to apply nitrogen fertilizers to the soil, but some rules must be followed. This procedure is carried out only when the sun is shining. You need to use an aqueous solution. To make good ovaries appear, foliar feeding is carried out. Fertilizers are sprayed onto the plant.

For a good set of tomatoes, boric acid is used, which is also sprayed onto the plant. To speed up flowering, feed the culture with iodine. For this, 30 drops are added to 10 liters of water. A couple of leaves at the bottom should be removed from the plant. This procedure is carried out every 7 days. In this way, an improvement in ventilation will occur. Experienced gardeners advise planting tomatoes in the afternoon when the weather is hot. In this way, the plant will get stronger better. But in cloudy weather, you can plant tomatoes at any time.

Top dressing is best done in the late afternoon, this will protect the tomatoes from burns. You need to monitor the condition of the plant, and then choose a fertilizer. Namely:

  1. If the tomatoes are pale and frail, then add the mullein to the soil.
  2. If the plant is growing rapidly, then you need to reduce the amount of nitrogen fertilizers.
  3. If the foliage begins to turn yellow, this indicates an excess of phosphorus.
  4. If phosphorus is not enough, then the foliage will acquire a purple hue.
  5. With an excess of potassium, spotting appears on the leaves.

Potassium deficiency will cause the foliage to dry out, and if the leaves begin to clump, then it is recommended to increase the amount of potassium or nitrogen fertilizers. It is also necessary to protect the plant from phytophthora. For this, tomatoes are treated with garlic infusion, Bordeaux mixture. Feeding with superphosphate is also carried out. To do this, prepare the infusion for another day. In addition, it is also required to form a plant. This will cause the fruit to grow large. To do this, you need to pinch growth points and eliminate lateral shoots.

Harvest then, then the tomatoes turn brown. You need to pick tomatoes with stalks. This will accelerate the growth of other tomatoes. So, tall tomatoes have a number of advantages. Growing them won't be a big deal if you follow simple rules.

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