Rules for pruning apple trees in spring from specialists

Rules for pruning apple trees in spring from specialists

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Caring for apple trees involves not only watering, feeding, and fighting harmful insects. By regularly performing the procedure, you can increase fruiting.


  • Pruning apple trees: what they do
  • Features of pruning apple trees
  • How to prune old apple trees
  • Tips for pruning running trees

Pruning apple trees: what they do

Pruning apple trees involves removing branches at an acute angle. During fruiting, branches can break off from weight, so this procedure is simply necessary. If there are old, diseased or frozen branches, then pruning is necessary.

This procedure must be carried out every year, and preferably twice - in the fall and spring. After winter, circumcision is best done in March or April, before the buds are swollen. Pruning contributes to the formation of the root system and crown, regulates the growth and height of the plant.

This procedure increases the resistance of the tree to frost and various diseases. As a result, it makes it possible to open the sun's rays on the fruits, thereby accelerating their ripening process. Pruning in spring keeps the balance between tree growth and fruiting.

Features of pruning apple trees

Young trees do not yet have apples, but pruning helps to form the future crown of the apple tree. There are different types of crowns that differ in different ways. It is necessary to decide on the model and perform this procedure as quickly as possible so that the apple tree grows its crown. You will need the following tools to perform trimming:

  • Garden knife
  • Secateurs
  • Garden var
  • Hacksaw

Before the procedure, all instruments must be sharpened so that torn sections do not form. Pruning is recommended in April or May. To begin with, cut a seedling without side branches. The length should not exceed 80-85 cm. If there are side branches, then the first tier can be formed.

To do this, cut the lower branch by 10-15 cm, and the uppermost by 50 cm. Branches that intertwine and touch each other also require pruning. If you perform the procedure immediately after planting, then you can not return to it for 3-5 years. However, if the branches are heavily grown or damaged, then pruning must be done.

A detailed video about pruning apple trees in spring:

You can perform a cut on the internal or external kidney. The first technique is used to strengthen the central part, and the second is to embroider the crown. If the cut is made on an external bud, then the branch is cut so that the upper bud is left pointing outward. When pruning with an inner bud, pruning should be done with the bud facing towards the trunk.

After the procedure, the cut sites must be treated with garden varnish. This tool contributes to the rapid adaptation of the tree. If the cuts are large, then they need to be wrapped in polyethylene and secured with electrical tape. After a while, remove the plastic wrap and leave only the var.

How to prune old apple trees

For older trees, rejuvenating pruning is performed to enhance root growth and fruit production. Old and dry apple processes are subject to mandatory removal. Pruning old apple trees can be done in two ways:

  • Cut to the same length
  • Shortening skeletal branches

These procedures should be performed before the kidney swells. The length of the branches can be reduced by 3-4 times. If you remove branches up to 4 meters, then this can lead to freezing of the tree. It is best to prune old trees every 2-4 years. Branches should be shortened by 1-2 meters at a time and no more.

This method of pruning old fruit trees is characterized by a decrease in yield. A common method among gardeners is gradual rejuvenating pruning. The tree on the south side is cut in half of the entire length of the crown. The height of the cut branches should not exceed 3 meters, and the width is about 1-2 meters.

Shoots should be at a distance of about 70 cm from each other. If their height has reached 10 cm, then you can safely remove.

After the fruiting of the pruned part of the crown is normalized, the procedure for the other part of it begins. This method of pruning trees is recommended to be carried out together with the rejuvenation of the root system. On the side where the crown is cut, you need to dig a trench 60-70 cm deep and up to 4 cm long. The roots should be carefully chopped off.

Tips for pruning running trees

The procedure should be carried out every year. Neglected trees require not only rejuvenating, but also regulatory pruning. In a productive year, it is necessary to reduce the number of fruit buds. This prevents depletion of the apple tree and promotes large and sweet fruit.

If the year is bad, then you need to reduce the number of buds that are laid next year. It is important to remove diseased branches in a timely manner. After the procedure, it is better to burn them, in order to avoid infection of the remaining branches.

If you correctly carry out anti-aging pruning of fruit trees, then you can not only increase the service life, but also extend their life. Also, this procedure will help preserve the tree itself and avoid cutting.

Watch the video: Pruning Apple Trees: How and When For Both Old And Young Trees (June 2022).


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