What if the tomatoes crack?

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Often, cracks appear on the fruits of tomatoes, which greatly impairs the marketability and keeping quality of the crop. But no matter how it was, cracks can be avoided adherence to proper agricultural practices.

1. Recommended feeding scheme during flowering and fruit emergence: Gumi-Omi Azot (60 g per 10 l of water), Gumi-Omi Potassium (30 g per 10 l of water), then alternate with Gumi-Omi Tomato (70 g per 10 l water) and Rich Vegetables (25 ml per 10 liters of water) 1 time in 10 days.

2. Watering should be abundant, but rare (once every 5-7 days, 3 liters per 1 plant), always at the root, in the heat only in the evening.

3. Regular loosening to a depth of 4-5 cm will better retain soil moisture and deepen the root system of tomatoes.

4. For greenhouse plants, ventilation must be provided to avoid extreme temperature fluctuations.

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