Garden blueberry care

Garden blueberry care

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By organizing the proper care of garden blueberries, you can get strong and high-yielding plants. First of all, the care must meet the natural requirements of the blueberry.

Garden blueberries have a shallow root system and therefore seedlings should not be planted deeply. The depth of the pit during planting should be about 40 cm.

To water blueberries, garden water should be used in an acidic environment. For these purposes, citric, malic or acetic acid is suitable. The plant should be watered with caution, waiting for the earthen coma to dry completely, since stagnant moisture is destructive for blueberries. But you should not allow the soil to dry out either.

Young blueberry shoots grow well even without additional fertilizers. But older plants should be fed with such mineral fertilizers as: superphosphate, magnesium, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium. It is best to use specialized mineral mixes.

Garden blueberry care involves pruning the shoots regularly. This allows you to rejuvenate the plant and get bushes with a lush crown and large fruits.

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