How to plant cherries correctly?

Sweet cherry is one of my favorite berries. Every gardener sometime thinks about planting sweet cherries on his plot.

How to plant cherries correctly?

The best time to plant is early spring in early April before budding. Cherry is more suitable for the southern side of the site, preferably a small hill. It must be remembered that cherries love light, so you should not plant them in shaded areas. In addition, cherries are bad for flooding, which is why it is recommended to plant them above ground level.

In the fall, it is necessary to prepare the soil by cleaning it and adding humus. And in the spring you should add superphosphate and ash.

During planting, the seedlings must be raised a few centimeters so that the root collar is at ground level. Then water and add peat or humus. The distance between seedlings should be about 3 m.

Pruning of excess shoots should be carried out only in the spring, before the buds swell. In addition, you need to whitewash the trunks and protect them from rodents with spruce branches for the winter.

How to plant cherries correctly is clear, all that remains is to bring all the knowledge to life. Then cherries will delight you with juicy tasty berries.

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