Do-it-yourself retaining walls: step-by-step instructions for creating

Do-it-yourself retaining walls: step-by-step instructions for creating

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Irregularities in the summer cottage are quite common. But how to build retaining walls with your own hands?


  • What are retaining walls?
  • Why do we need a retaining wall?
  • What materials and tools are needed for the job?
  • Step-by-step manufacturing instructions
  • Application features

What are retaining walls?

It is customary to call a retaining wall a kind of barrier. In addition, it becomes an excellent decoration for a summer cottage. The popularity of such an emphasis has increased for a long time, but to this day, many people are building it in their summer cottages. It is not necessary to buy expensive materials for such a wall. You can even use what is at hand.

The retaining wall can be designed independently, taking into account some rules and recommendations. This does not require spending a lot of money. Such an element will support the soil and perform a decorative function.

Why do we need a retaining wall?

The suburban area is not always completely flat. There are often many hills on it. If there is a desire, for example, to make a flower garden on it, then a retaining wall is required. After all, it is worth knowing that after a while the top layer of the earth on such a hump will begin to slide.

This will lead to the fact that the flower garden is disturbed, and all efforts will be wasted. But there is to construct a support, you can avoid such consequences.

In addition to the fact that the retaining wall performs the function of supporting, it also perfectly decorates the territory. It focuses on specific elements. Flower beds with such a wall look much more spectacular and attractive.

What materials and tools are needed for the job?

A variety of materials are used to build a retaining wall. Many people make it from logs. But it should be understood that such a support will not last long. Therefore, if a person wants to construct a reliable structure, it is worth leaning against the stone wall. You can take different stones for making. Their length and width do not have to be the same.

For the retaining wall, it is necessary to make a lime mortar. For this, water, sand and quicklime are mixed. For 300 ml of liquid, 1 kg of the remaining components is required. Sand should be 3-5 times more than lime. Everything is thoroughly mixed so that the lumps disappear. Also, concrete and gravel will be required for the construction of the wall.

In addition, you need to acquire the following tools:

  • Pick
  • Ruler
  • Master OK
  • Lace
  • Gardening knife
  • Wood planks to create a pattern
  • Wedges made of wood
  • Shovel

Step-by-step manufacturing instructions

It is not difficult to build a retaining wall. To do this, you should adhere to the following sequence:

  1. Initially, you need to make a foundation. A suitable place is selected where the future wall will be located. The size of the foundation directly depends on the size of the supporting wall itself. It is allowed to do it of any height. But it is worth following some rules regarding the width. It should be at least 30 cm. Otherwise, the wall will not be strong.
  2. It is necessary to design the future wall. At the corners, it is worth deepening the pegs into the ground, a string is pulled between them.
  3. A pit is made for the foundation. It is worth considering the height of the future structure. If there is a one-meter wall above the ground, then there should be a 0.5 meter depression in the ground.
  4. It is also necessary to take into account how much the soil freezes in winter. In harsh areas, it is better to make the foundation deeper. The density of the soil is also worth taking into account. Experienced gardeners advise making the foundation deeper if the soil is too loose.
  5. Considering these factors, you can start cleaning the pit.
  6. The result is a trench into which it is necessary to pour the concrete mixture.
  7. It is recommended to do this procedure in dry weather. Then the mixture will harden in 4-5 days.

After that, the construction of the foundation can be considered complete. Next, you should proceed to the wall itself. Initially, it is recommended to wet the stones with water and arrange them in groups. It is worth sorting them by size, color. Lime mortar is applied to the prepared foundation. The application layer should not be less than 2 cm.

Further, large stones are placed on the lime mortar. It is recommended to try to make sure that the stones lie tightly to each other. Following the same principle, it is necessary to continue laying the stones. It is recommended to make a template out of wood before this procedure. This will allow you to design the perfect masonry.

To be sure that the stone will fit well in a specific place, it is recommended to initially apply it without using a solution. There is a situation when the stones do not adhere well to each other. In such a situation, it is worth using wood wedges, which are driven into the resulting holes. They will then be filled with mortar when the structure is dry.

Application features

Not only stone can be used for construction. For this, brick, concrete, wood and other materials are used. But it is the stone wall that is considered the strongest. Not all people can boast of a flat area. Therefore, the retaining wall is an excellent assistant in such a situation.

But it is worth understanding that such a structure is capable of creating the heaviness of the entire design. For this reason, when using a retaining wall, experts advise adding it with other elements. Namely:

  • Steps
  • Rocks
  • Tables
  • Niches

So that the wall does not spoil the view of the summer cottage, it is worth considering the entire landscape design. After that, proceed with the selection of the stone. Then the structure will only be of benefit. So, the retaining wall is an excellent element with which you can support the soil and decorate the territory. At the same time, each person can engage in independent design of this element.

Video on how retaining walls are created:

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