Again the question about tomatoes

For many years I have been growing tomatoes in the open field and in a greenhouse. But in recent years, many varieties have given a dense yellow top of the fruit on the fruits. Looking through different dacha forums I found many options for such failures and different recommendations. This year I carefully read the characteristics of varieties and replaced almost everything except black Debarao (his grandchildren love him very much and he is almost not sick), did not bring manure (I watered only humates in the spring, I do not water it often, I mulched the ground with straw. And here is a new crop, and some tomatoes are again yellow and tough on top. Especially large-fruited (in the picture yellow Giant Gavrish weighing almost 500 grams is very tasty and healthy). It's a pity to throw out 1/3 of a tomato. I ask for help from this forum. Thanks in advance to everyone, Julia.

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