Grapes Riddle Sharov: characteristics of the variety and cultivation features

Grapes in our time have become an integral part of many summer cottages. The grape variety "Mystery of Sharova" was developed by the Altai gardener R. Due to its high frost resistance, this variety can be grown in regions with a harsh climate.


  • Description of the variety
  • Growing grapes: necessary conditions and planting
  • Vine care
  • The use of grapes in cooking and medicine

Description of the variety

The Riddle of Sharova grapes are one of the most popular varieties that are suitable for growing in regions with long winters and short summers. This variety is characterized by resistance to low temperatures, unpretentiousness and endurance.

The grape bush develops quickly and can be up to 3 meters long. Shoots are flexible and long. The leaves are heart-shaped, five-lobed, small in size. This variety is very early and the fruits appear 110 days after the appearance of swollen buds.

When grown in a film shelter, the fruiting period can be reduced to 3-4 weeks. The Riddle of Sharova variety has a high frost resistance up to 32-34 degrees. Bunches of berries are winged of medium size, and the fruits themselves are round, weighing 300-600 g.

When ripe, the fruits are dark blue with a waxy bloom. 2-3 seeds are formed in the berry. The pulp is juicy and melting. The skin of the berries is thin but dense. The fruits contain a large amount of sugar up to 22%.

The flavor can be strawberry or raspberry. In addition, this variety can be stored for a long time without losing its nutritional and commercial qualities. This variety is very popular with gardeners due to the following qualities:

  • Increased resistance to soil freezing
  • The ability to grow a variety without grafting
  • Vine flexibility for easy removal from the support
  • Early fruiting

The Riddle of Sharov variety can be grown even by a novice winegrower without experience.

Growing grapes: necessary conditions and planting

Planting cuttings is best done in well-lit areas. The vine does not like drafts. Avoid places of possible flooding and do not locate plantings where groundwater is close. The best place will be the southern walls of the building.

This grape variety can grow well on any soil due to its well-developed root system. The roots of the grapes can grow up to 10 meters deep. Planting seedlings should be done in the spring, when the weather is warm and the ground warms up well. The best time for this is mid-April - May.

A prerequisite is that this event must be performed before the bud breaks. If you miss this moment and plant seedlings with blossoming buds, the survival rate will be very low. Planting can be done not only in spring but also in autumn. However, this cannot be delayed for a long time and it is advisable to end the event before the onset of frost.

Planting cuttings is carried out as follows: dig holes or a trench and put a nutrient mixture without manure on the bottom. Then the seedling is carefully lowered and sprinkled with earth. After planting, cover the soil with compost or manure. This procedure should be performed 2 times a year - in spring and autumn.

Vine care

In the first year after planting, you need to ensure that there is no high load on the vine with shoots. For this purpose, it is recommended to remove all but the strongest shoots. As a result, the seedling will grow strong and the first harvest can be obtained next year.

To increase the yield, it is necessary to prune by 2 eyes. As the shoots ripen, first leave 1-2 brushes, and then increase to 2-3. As the vine grows, it is necessary to tie it up and not let it lie on the soil surface.

Pruning is desirable in the fall. This will help prevent freezing and damage to the vine. In addition, this variety, with a slight load on the root, tolerates the cold months more easily. Even if the variety "Sharova's Riddle" is frost-resistant, it is still necessary to prepare the bush for winter. In October, the bushes are covered with earth up to 10 cm high.

Video about the grape variety "Sharov's Riddle"

During this procedure, the vine is laid on the ground. In the spring, as the snow melts, you can remove the mounds made. When carrying out the above activities, the grapes will delight you with a good harvest.

The use of grapes in cooking and medicine

In cooking, grapes are used to make wine, raisins, juice, and preserves. Berries go well with a variety of fruits. You can cook meat, poultry, sauces with grapes, and add berries to a salad with mayonnaise. Prepared grape wine is not only an alcoholic drink, but also a valuable medicine that helps to get rid of many chronic diseases.

Dried grapes - raisins, improves liver function, cleanses the organs of the gastrointestinal tract and normalizes blood pressure. Decoctions and raisin compote have a tonic and tonic effect on the entire body. Freshly squeezed juice has an expectorant, hemostatic, laxative, sedative effect.

It is useful to use grapes for anemia, poor appetite, metabolic disorders, kidney diseases. Grape leaves help reduce blood sugar, so decoctions based on them are recommended for the treatment of diabetes. Grapes are widely used in medicine and help to get rid of many diseases. However, not everyone can use it.

Contraindications to use are the following pathologies: diabetes mellitus, peptic ulcer disease, obesity, acute heart failure. Due to the high sugar content of berries, excessive consumption of them can lead to tooth decay. Therefore, it is advisable to rinse your mouth with water after fresh consumption. Children may develop allergies. Grapes have many beneficial substances, so they need to be consumed, but not in large quantities.

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