Homemade wood shredder: description and advantages of the device

Pruning old and dead branches on trees and shrubs is an important gardening activity. To speed up this process, you can use a homemade shredder.


  • Branch shredder: description and purpose in gardening
  • Design advantages
  • Required materials and tools
  • Step-by-step instructions: the main stages of work

Branch shredder: description and purpose in gardening

The shredder design is simple. The main components of the grinder: motor, working shaft with knives, metal frame, box, protective cover. The working shaft is the main working element that shreds the branches. This cutting shaft has a thread diameter of 20 mm.

Circular saws with teeth are located on the block. There is a gap between them, which prevents the teeth from joining each other. A motor is needed to move the shaft of the cutting unit. The power of the electric motor should be about 2.5 kW, which will allow chopping thick branches, the diameter of which is about 5 cm. With more power, the device can handle thicker branches.

With the help of a belt drive, you can set the required rotation speed. In order for the branches to be fed to the working shaft, a receiving box is required. A protective cover is required to cover the rotating and cutting elements. It can be made of lightweight metal. All structural elements are mounted on a metal frame.

The principle of operation of the device is similar to a meat grinder: branches or other waste is crushed to chips or sawdust.

Design advantages

Such a device on the farm allows not only to chop the branches, but also any waste: tops, sunflower stalks, etc. The owner does not need to burn wood waste.

With the help of a shredder, branches are crushed into small pieces - sawdust, wood chips, shavings. This garden tool at the summer cottage allows you to get mulch for the soil or use the crushed residues to heat the house. In addition, they can be placed in compost pits and ultimately fertilized.

The advantages of this device are:

  • High performance
  • Ease of installation
  • Processing of materials of various diameters
  • Long service life of saws
  • Simple maintenance
  • Shredding hardwood

The cost of such a device is quite high and not every gardener can afford it. In this case, you can build a chopper yourself. This is a laborious job and you cannot do without carpentry skills.

Required materials and tools

You can make a chopper of branches with your own hands yourself. To do this, you should draw a diagram and a drawing of the future design, purchase the necessary tools and materials, and you can start working. To assemble the frame, you will need the following materials:

  • Round pipes (diameter 32-48 mm)
  • Two corners (35 mm each)
  • Profile tube (40x40 mm)
  • Single corner (width 50-63 mm)
  • Channel (No. 6.5-10)
  • Circular saws (25 pieces, outer diameter 180 mm and inner diameter 20 mm.)
  • Spacer washers (20 mm diameter)
  • Bearings
  • Pulleys (2 pieces)

Also, to assemble the structure, you will need a steel circle (diameter 40-50 cm), a galvanized steel sheet for the casing, bolts, nuts, screws for fastening. Don't forget to purchase a drive belt.

Necessary tools for work:

  • Welding machine
  • Metal scissors
  • Bulgarian
  • Keys and screwdrivers
  • Metal brush

The engine can be gasoline or electric. The first type of engine allows you to process large-sized waste. Moreover, it is very mobile. The second option is lighter, but tied to electricity. The engine should be selected with a power of about 4kW. When all materials and tools are prepared, you can start assembling the shredder.

Step-by-step instructions: the main stages of work

The manufacture of a shredder consists of several stages.

Assembling the frame. Take a profile pipe and use a grinder to cut the components of the future frame - 4 elements 40 cm long and 2 elements 80 cm long. Weld the short parts between two long ones at an angle of 90 degrees. In this case, the two transverse parts must be placed at such a distance that the drum is securely installed.

Construction of the receiving bunker. This structure must be solid. For manufacturing, galvanized steel is used. Cut 4 trapezoidal blanks and weld together. In the lower part of the box, make bends of 4-5 cm for fasteners. It is important not to forget to make mounting holes.

The installation must be carried out in such a way that the box can be removed for cleaning large wood debris, sharpening knives or cleaning the mechanism. This is an important condition that must be observed when constructing the receiving hopper in order to facilitate the cleaning of the structure.

Manufacturing of a shredder. Circular saws are threaded onto a M20 threaded stud, placing washers between them. Rotation of circular saws will be carried out using bearings from the VAZ intermediate shaft. Tighten the saws on both sides with nuts.

Next, the fasteners for the bearings on the frame cross members are welded. Put the bearings on the stud and fasten, and then install the saws on the frame and also fasten. Place a metal guard over the cutting unit for protection.

Installing the motor. The motor will be bolted to the elongated holes in the frame. For the device of the tensioning mechanism, at the two ends of the angle, drill holes commensurate with the bolts. Insert the tensioning bolts into the slots and fasten.

The tension of the belt depends on the tightening or loosening of the nuts on the bolts. At the final stage, fasten the pulleys on the protruding ends of the motor and shafts. The process of creating a shredder is not difficult as long as you have minimal carpentry and joinery skills and follow the blueprint.

Video on how a homemade shredder works:

Watch the video: How to make a Wood ShredderChipper DIY (January 2022).