Do-it-yourself gazebo from scrap materials: step-by-step instructions

Do-it-yourself gazebo from scrap materials: step-by-step instructions

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A gazebo is an integral attribute in the country. Bars, logs, metal, polycarbonate, stone, etc. are taken as materials for the gazebo. How to build a gazebo in the country?


  • Arbor: types and their description
  • Arbor options for giving
  • What to prepare for work
  • The main stages of the construction of a gazebo

Arbor: types and their description

Before starting the construction of the gazebo, you need to decide on the place where it will be located. You can place it next to the house or in the back of the site. It should be remembered that the gazebo next to the house should be built in the same style as the adjacent building.

When creating a project for a future gazebo, you should decide on the shape and size. The shape of the gazebo can be polygonal, rectangular or round. The easiest way is to build a rectangular gazebo with your own hands; special skills are not needed here.

A more complex polygonal shape and help is indispensable here. For a round gazebo, you will need a bendable material. Gazebos can be open without walls, partially or completely closed. In open gazebos, the spans between the supporting pillars are completely open or partially closed up to table level.

Closed gazebos require solid walls and glazing. A stove is usually installed in them in order to be comfortable in the cold season. The second option is less common. Most often, gazebos are made open.

Arbor options for giving

Before starting the construction of the gazebo, you need to decide for what purpose it will be used. In most cases, it is used as a resting place. The size of the structure depends on which company will assemble in the gazebo.

You can place a summer kitchen in the gazebo, then you need to take care of equipping a special oven, a table and a place for storing dishes there. Such a gazebo will be more overall in size. If you plan to build a small gazebo, then you can put a barbecue, table, sofa or chairs.

You can build a gazebo for one or two people. Then, instead of seats, you can use a hammock or sun loungers. For the gazebo, you can use various materials at hand that remained after the construction of a house or other object.

Possible materials for the construction of a gazebo

Metal. The metal frame is very durable and practically does not undergo seasonal ground movements. In addition, it is lightweight and refractory. However, such a gazebo has low thermal insulation values ​​and requires constant maintenance.

Logs or vines. The wooden gazebo has an attractive appearance and goes well with other materials. The structure is easy and simple to assemble. Vine. A wicker gazebo will transform any site and bring originality. Special costs for its construction are not required, the main thing is to be able to weave correctly according to the principle of a basket.

Brick. The brick structure is distinguished by its durability and low heat transfer. Such a gazebo does not need to be constantly looked after and, if necessary, can be converted.

Polycarbonate. This design option is distinguished by ease of installation, low cost, and external variety. Polycarbonate is a highly durable and fire resistant material. Does not deform at low temperatures.

You can make a combined gazebo from several materials. Thus, you can reduce the consumption of material and increase the quality of the structure. Decking or polycarbonate goes well with wooden and stone arbors. For the frame, you can use wooden beams and fit with a chain-link.

The design of plastic bottles will look original and creative. You will need a large number of bottles and a rigid base for the frame. The easiest way to make a gazebo is from wood. Such material is environmentally friendly, durable and quick to build.

What to prepare for work

Before starting construction, it is necessary to draw up a diagram or plan for the future structure. This will help you calculate the required amount of material. For the construction of the gazebo, the following materials should be prepared:

  • Dry beams section 10x10 mm
  • Edged board thickness not less than 2 cm
  • Armature
  • Roofing material
  • Piles
  • Corners
  • Sand
  • Crushed stone
  • Cement

Of the tools for building a wooden gazebo, you will need nails, a drill, a level, a hammer, and a jigsaw. Then you can start building the gazebo.

The main stages of the construction of a gazebo

Whatever material you choose for the gazebo, the construction process will include the same stages.

Preparation and marking of the territory. The site for the construction of the gazebo should be cleared of debris, shrubs removed and trees cut down. The place for the gazebo should be flat and open, away from the barn and the country toilet. Drive pegs in the corners, pull the cord over them and check the diagonals. They must be equal. Then pull out the foundation pit.

Pouring the foundation. As a foundation, you can use tape, columnar or tiled. Columnar foundation is the simplest and most budgetary option for building a gazebo. Support posts should be placed in the corners every 2 meters. As a support, you can take metal pipes or logs.

The depth of the pillar holes should be about 70 cm, and the diameter of the hole should be 10 cm larger than the diameter of the pillar. Pour sand with crushed stone about 10 cm thick at the bottom. Metal pillars should rise 15-20 cm above the surface. Insert reinforcement into each hole and pour concrete. Fill the remaining space with soil and stones and compact well.

Floor device. The floor in a rectangular gazebo is very easy. One beam will be transverse, and the remaining four are laid around the perimeter. The bars must first be treated with an antiseptic solution. Then trim to the width of the gazebo. They are fixed to concrete reinforcement, having previously drilled holes in the bars.

Frame and roof device. Further, pillars are strung on the reinforcement and set according to the level. You can fix the pillar with boards, fixing it diagonally. At this stage, it is important to grind the posts with a grinder, since it will be difficult to do this after installation.

In the upper part of the posts, make recesses 40x100 mm in size, into which the rafter boards will be inserted. The roof can be made single-pitched, gable or four-pitched. To create it, you need boards of 100x50 mm. The connection is carried out using a half-tree technology.

Fasten the joints with self-tapping screws. Then install the roof frame on the support in the grooves and fasten with nails or bolts. Next, sheathing is made. You can use slate, tiles, corrugated board, etc. Installation of handrails. At a certain height, fasten the boards between the posts. To enter the gazebo on one side, you do not need to make a railing.

Wall cladding. For cladding, you can use any material: boards, slate, sheet metal, etc. Walls can be made solid or lattice. It all depends on the style and design of the construction.

At the final stage, it is necessary to fill the gazebo with furniture and conduct electricity. The technology for constructing a gazebo made of wood is not complicated, so it can be mastered by any person without experience in construction.


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