Plastic board for beds: features of framing beds

Plastic board for beds: features of framing beds

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When organizing summer cottages, wooden fences are less and less used. Plastic boards come in different types and are excellently recommended as a fence for flower beds and beds.


  • Plastic board: description
  • The main functions of the fence for the beds
  • Features of use
  • Application

Plastic board: description

There is a wide range of plastic fencing, differing in shape and size:

  1. Plastic tape. It is a flexible curb that is used to frame raised beds. Its height is about 20-50 cm.
  2. Garden board. This design is a panel, about 15 cm high and up to 3 m long. The garden board is distinguished by the greatest strength in contrast to the curb tape.
  3. Garden constructor. One of the types of PVC border, thanks to which you can create beds of various shapes. This design is assembled into one whole.

You can buy plastic panels that imitate various materials: wood, stone, etc. However, this option is for those who have the funds and can increase the budget for the purchase of plastic panels. PVC is used in various fields. Quite often, plastic panels are used to create fences.

Garden fences made of plastic have the following advantages:

  • Choosing a design option and form
  • Practical and durable
  • Retention of moisture in the soil
  • Easy to install
  • Low temperature resistance
  • Availability

PVC fencing is quite practical and does not require any special installation skills. Even under the influence of sunlight, precipitation is not destroyed. It is not recommended to purchase a cheap plastic product, as it will quickly lose its color and break in the very first winter.

The main functions of the fence for the beds

For many gardeners, garden fencing is used for decorative purposes, but the border has other functions. The fence keeps weeds out of the confined area. This is due to the fact that the lower part of the curb is deepened to the depth of the root mass.

Plants propagating by rhizomes will not extend beyond the fence. When planning irregularly shaped beds, the fence allows you to maintain the desired shape. In addition, when watering plants, the water will not spread and go beyond the boundaries. Also, the fence allows you to group seedlings, convenient paths appear on the site.

The number of rodents, insects and other pests will be significantly reduced. Plastic fencing has many advantages, therefore it is very popular among gardeners and gardeners.

Features of use

Video about plastic garden boards:

Plastic garden boards are very easy and simple to install. First you need to measure the garden bed and make the appropriate measurements on the plastic panel. Cut the PVC carefully using a utility knife. Next, along the perimeter of the beds, dig a trench of arbitrary depth.

Then the panels are installed and added dropwise from both sides. The earth is well compacted. Both sides are connected with special pegs that come with the kit.

If old plastic was used to install the fence for the beds, then the joints must be connected with special corners. These can be purchased at a hardware store. After installing the plastic panels, they can be painted in the desired color to blend in with other buildings.


Flexible plastic structures can be used to separate the flower area and lawn from the paths. The bed does not blur and retains its shape well. With the help of plastic tape for the fence, you can make flower beds and beds of various shapes: oval, round, etc.

This greatly expands the design possibilities. Thanks to the tape fencing, you can make multi-tiered beds and flower beds. Such flower beds will look great as a decoration in front of the facade of the house.

All this will expand the design possibilities. In addition, plastic garden boards can be used to enclose a children's sandbox, a recreation area. A variety of color panels allows you to create an original composition that decorates the site.

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