Greenhouse tomatoes: varieties that will be a good choice

Greenhouse tomatoes: varieties that will be a good choice

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Carefully and competently choosing varieties of tomatoes (tomatoes) for the greenhouse, you can grow a rich harvest of fruits for salads, pickles, juices, homemade ketchup and for freezing. You just need to make your own list of preferences, and the choice of varieties and hybrids on modern counters is huge!


  • How to navigate the variety of varieties?
  • Large-fruited variety Andreevsky surprise
  • Old grade Bull heart - a favorite of gardeners
  • Roma group - ideal tomatoes for storage and sauces
  • Hybrid Kostroma f1 - a combination of taste and quality
  • Criteria for the selection of varieties

How to navigate the variety of varieties?

Choosing from many varieties and hybrids of tomatoes for the greenhouse, you need to answer a few questions:

  • Should tomatoes taste sweet, sour or fruity?
  • What size tomatoes do you want to get as a result - large for salads, medium for pickling, small for vegetable dishes and side dishes?
  • Why are tomatoes grown - for fresh salads, canning, juices or sauces?

Or maybe the color palette is important? The choice of modern tomatoes is wide, you can grow not only red and pink fruits, but also orange, yellow, brown-chocolate and even black. Here are the best varieties that experienced gardeners recommend paying attention to:

  1. The largest-fruited: De Barao Giant, Scarlet Mustang, Bear's Paw, Grandma's Secret, King of Giants.
  2. Large-fruited pink and red (fleshy): Bull heart, Loving heart, Monomakh's hat, Russian soul, Pink elephant, Giant of the East, Raspberry miracle, Andreevsky surprise.
  3. Large orange and yellow: Persimmon, Konigsberg Gold, Giant (yellow, orange), Orange.
  4. Medium-fruited (suitable for whole canning and juicing): Verlioka, Olya, Kostroma, Blagovest, Slivovka, Pink honey, Yellow drop, Mustang.
  5. Small on the brush (cherry): Sweet Cherry, Bonsai, Cherry red and Cherry yellow.
  6. Low-water (for making adjika, pasta and for freezing): Roma vf, Raketa.
  7. Exotic colors: black Indigo rose and Chocolate, purple Blueberry and Black bunch, white Snow White and Lotus.

Large-fruited variety Andreevsky surprise

Andreevsky surprise - a large-fruited variety of tomatoes for growing in a greenhouse. Product of amateur selection. The variety is medium early, ripening begins 115-125 days after germination. The plant is vigorous, of medium height - up to 170 cm, per 1 square meter. 2 pieces are planted. The leaves are large, dark green. The inflorescence is compact, the first is laid above the seventh or eighth leaf. Grown in 2 lashes, stepchildren must be removed, tied to a support.

Deep red tomatoes grow very large, up to 0.9-1 kg. Rounded and flat-rounded fruits with well-pronounced ribbing, in section - multi-chambered. The pulp is fleshy, sweet, juicy. Grown in seedlings. Seeds are sown in March, dive when 1 true leaf grows. These tomatoes are great in fresh salads and juices.

The bull's heart is a favorite of gardeners

The bull heart has been holding the leadership among the giant fruits for several decades. Named so for the shape of tomatoes - a flattened "heart" with a silvery-pink skin. A very productive variety. In terms of ripening - mid-season. The fruits ripen in 120 - 130 days after the mass emergence of shoots.

The fruits are large, leveled. The weight of one tomato of 0.5 kg is not uncommon, rather the rule. Often reaches a mass of 0.9 - 1 kg. The plant itself is powerful, formed in 2-3 lashes, per 1 square meter. place 3 to 4 pieces. Grows up to 170 - 180 cm in height, requires a garter to the support.

The yield is high, 10-15 kg of fruits are removed from one plant. In the context of the tomatoes are fleshy, with a coarse-grained pulp structure. Sweet, juicy, with a delicate taste. Suitable for summer salads and making delicious tomato juice.

Unusual varieties of an old variety have been bred - Bull's heart red, yellow, black, similar in taste to the traditional - pink. Sow for seedlings in the first half of March. They dive with 1-2 true leaves. Seedlings are planted in a permanent place at the age of 55-60 days.

Roma group - ideal tomatoes for storage and sauces

Roma, subspecies Roma vf and hybrid Roma f1 are ideal tomatoes for canning. It is valued for the abundance of smooth, rounded-elongated plum-shaped fruits on each bush, which grow up to 1 m. The plants are compact, in need of pinching. Form in 2 lashes, tied to a support. Ripening 125 - 135 days after mass germination. Fruiting is long, tomatoes can be removed in large quantities up to 3 times a season.

Productivity is 4-4.5 kg from one bush. Fruits weighing 40-50 grams, in favorable conditions - 85-90. Very nice, aligned. Fresh taste is somewhat dry, they have a low water content.

They perfectly retain their shape and attractive appearance with whole-fruit canning, acquire a pleasant taste, remain dense, do not fall apart. Ideal for making pasta, ketchup, adjika.

It is convenient to pass them through a meat grinder. The paste turns out to be thick, pleasant consistency. Tomatoes of this variety are perfectly stored for several months after picking, and tolerates transportation well. The variety is resistant to short-term drought, temperature drops, and most tomato diseases. With an increase in humidity, there is a likelihood of signs of late blight.

Hybrid Kostroma f1 - a combination of taste and quality

Kostroma is an excellent combination of good taste, yield, storage capacity. Tall, above 2 m, well-developed bushes. 4 plants are planted per 1 square meter. Form in 1 - 2 lashes, fasten to the trellis. Plants are hardy to growing conditions, tolerate sudden changes in temperature and humidity levels well.

Outwardly very attractive, covered with smooth fruit clusters. Fruits are red, aligned, flat-round, weighing from 90 to 130 grams. Ripen on 105 - 110 days after full germination, the yield is friendly. The taste is bright tomato, juicy tomatoes, fleshy pulp.

Delicious tomato juice is obtained from Kostroma tomatoes; they are ideal for whole-fruit pickling and pickling. 3.5-5 kg ​​of tomatoes are removed from 1 bush. The hybrid is resistant to late blight, fusarium, cladosporium spot.

What to look for when choosing varieties

When choosing tomatoes for cultivation in your greenhouse, you need to take care of a variety of varieties and hybrids with different commercial and taste qualities. You should focus on:

  • plant height, vigorous varieties are suitable for high greenhouses, compact plants for low greenhouses
  • taste preferences
  • ripening time, you can pick up varieties with different maturity dates
  • keeping quality of fruits if long-term storage of unprocessed tomatoes is supposed
  • size and color of tomatoes
  • resistance to diseases, pests
  • requirements for care, temperature regime, climatic conditions
  • the length of daylight hours and the regional length of the summer season

They say there is no dispute about tastes. So the tomatoes are selected, guided by their own preferences and characteristics of the site. In order not to be mistaken, you should carefully study the descriptions of varieties and hybrids that seed producers place on packages. Breeding advances make it possible to choose the right tomatoes for every taste.

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