Growing leek seedlings at home

The best way to get a good harvest of leeks is to grow seedlings. This will require a pot, soil and plastic wrap.

It is best to start growing leek seedlings in early spring. To get young sprouts faster, leek seeds should be kept in warm water for about a day. The dried seeds are planted in a pot filled with moist soil. The seeds should be lightly sprinkled with soil, and then the pot should be covered with plastic wrap, thereby creating a favorable atmosphere for their germination. Periodically, it is necessary to remove the film, allowing the plant to breathe, and water the seeds as needed.

As soon as the first shoots appear, the pot is freed from the film and placed in a warm, without direct sunlight, but well-lit place. As the seedlings grow, it is necessary to add soil to the pot.

After about 60 days, the cultivation of leek seedlings ends and young shoots can be planted in a permanent place. Before planting, the roots and the upper part of the stem are slightly pruned in young seedlings.

Fertile land, organic fertilizing and frequent watering can provide a good yield of leeks.

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