How to grow a dollar tree from a leaf in a home or office?

How to grow a dollar tree from a leaf in a home or office?

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Zamioculcas, or as the people call it "dollar tree", comes from distant tropical Africa. Is it realistic to grow a tree from a leaf, and what is needed for this?


  • Description of the species
  • Plant propagation using a leaf
  • Possible growing difficulties

Description of the species

The popular name "dollar tree", the plant received due to the glossy and beautiful leaves. One fleshy stem, contains up to 10 leaves. Thanks to the root system, which is adapted to store water, the tree tolerates the summer season well. Anatomical and morphological properties are in many ways similar to all the familiar "money tree".

With proper care, the plant can grow up to one meter in height. Zamioculcas blooms rarely, which is primarily due to our climate. Well, if the owner managed to please all the arrivals of the plant, then at the exit he can see a yellow flower that reaches a diameter of 10 centimeters.

If you are aiming to see flowering, then you must follow some rules, namely:

  • Timely watering
  • Adequate lighting
  • Maintaining temperature conditions (20-25 degrees Celsius)

The dollar tree grows rather slowly. But in general, I would like to note that caring for a plant is not difficult, and even a beginner in the flower business will be able to do it. Since zamioculcas belongs to succulents, the plant loves: moderate humidity, timely watering, and microelements, which are based on potassium and fluorine.

An adult plant is not cheap. That is why everyone who wants to grow a tree on their own asks the question: is it possible to grow it from a leaf? Get a couple of leaves of the plant, be patient and start planting a leaf in the soil.

Plant propagation using a leaf

The peculiarity of propagation with the help of a leaf is that it is the easiest and longest way to grow a plant. Prepare a pot in advance, soil (it must be neutral, that is, not acidic), scissors, settled water, and of course an adult tree for cutting leaves. Progress:

  • Carefully separate the small leaf from the plant
  • Deepen the leaf into the soil (not deep)
  • Moisten the soil with standing water
  • Place the pot of leaves in a well-lit area

Be aware that the plant may not take root. Therefore, we recommend planting several leaves in the pot at once. A more viable one will become the basis of a mature tree, and will surely please you with fast growth. The leaves can ripen for a long time.

To accelerate the growth process, you can create the so-called "greenhouse effect". To do this, cover the pot with plastic wrap. As a rule, your efforts will be visible within one month. The leaf will most likely take root.


  1. Cut the leaf obliquely. Sprinkle the place where the leaf was cut with activated charcoal. Let the leaf dry.
  2. Not only a pot can serve as a container for seedlings. Disposable cups will perfectly replace the dish. Do not forget about the drain, which is placed on the bottom of the dish.
  3. Buy biostimulants from a flower shop.
  4. Planting leaves is best done in the summer.

It is very important to maintain the right conditions when growing a dollar tree from a leaf. First of all, you need to remember about observing the temperature regime. The ideal temperature for growing a tree is between 22-25 degrees Celsius. Do not forget about timely watering, but remember that the next watering should only be when the soil is dry.

Use settled water for irrigation, is it possible to water the tree with mineral water? Fine. Not? It will do well.

The humidity in the room should not fall below 50 degrees. If the apartment is dry enough, create a greenhouse effect (see description above), or put a humidifier in the room that does an excellent job of this. The dollar tree loves sufficient lighting. But this does not mean that direct sunlight should pass on the leaves.

Video about the correct cultivation of a dollar tree:

No one has canceled leaf burns yet. It is good if the sun gives rays to the plant in the morning. After lunch, UV rays are more aggressive, so contact is undesirable. By following these simple tips, you will surely grow a dollar tree at home without paying a lot of money for an adult flower. Competent care is the key to help the leaflet take root as soon as possible.

Possible growing difficulties

We managed to find out that caring for a dollar tree is not difficult, but still some difficulties may arise. To avoid mistakes when growing a plant, we recommend that you read some tips.

The tree has lost its bright color. Most likely, the plant lacks sunlight. Move the pot to a lighter spot. Spots on the leaves. Most often, this sign indicates that there is little room for the roots. Solution: transplant the plant into a larger container. Yellow leaves. Yellow color most often signals that the root system is rotting.

Most often this happens as a result of flooding the plant with water. Remember, start the next watering when the soil is completely dry. Holes on the sheets. Holes indicate that pests have started on the plant. Examine the plant carefully, pay special attention to the place under the leaf. Found pests? The most popular insect control method is to spray with soapy water (use household soap).

The trunk turns black. In 99% of cases, this means that you are not maintaining the correct temperature regime. Place the pot in a warmer place. Leaves are falling. Most often, this signal indicates that the flower stands in a place where drafts are "walking". The plant will definitely bring comfort to the house, the main thing is not to bypass taking care of it.

Follow these simple rules for caring for a dollar tree, and the plant will delight you not only with fast growth, but also with flowering!



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