Scarb potatoes: features and advantages of the variety

Perhaps few people would argue that potatoes are the most popular vegetable crop among gardeners. There are quite a few types of vegetable varieties, but potato belongings deserve special attention. Still would! Vegetable culture is absolutely not whimsical in care, but it has excellent taste.


  • Let's talk about the characteristics of the variety?
  • Features of growing potatoes "Skarb"
  • Benefits and applications in cooking and traditional medicine

Let's talk about the characteristics of the variety?

Scarb was bred in Belarus, and it belongs to mid-season table varieties. It was not for nothing that breeders endowed the potatoes with this name, because when you dig a vegetable in a hole, even and slightly golden fruits lie like nuggets. Several reasons that will force you to opt for this variety:

  • Good yield
  • Unpretentious care and planting
  • Excellent taste
  • Good storage
  • Resistant to common diseases

Please note that up to 70 tons of crops can be harvested from one hectare. But here one condition should be taken into account: adherence to planting technology and proper care. And although belongings are not a demanding vegetable crop, there are still some nuances of care. Potato bush of medium height. The leaves are dark green in color, have a rather pungent odor that drives away pests.

During flowering, the corolla turns white, thereby attracting honey arthropods. The rind has a golden hue. It is noteworthy that the potatoes have almost the same dimensions and reach a weight of up to 200 grams.

The shape is oval. The tubers are placed on the potatoes, which contribute to the growth of the fruit. Please note that belongings contain quite a small amount of starch. On average, one potato is 20% of this substance. The variety perfectly resists all kinds of vegetable diseases, including the most common one - cancer. Only the Colorado beetles should be feared. In the middle of summer, bushes can be treated with a special chemical solution, or insects can be collected mechanically.

Features of growing potatoes "Skarb"

To please yourself with a good harvest, you should follow the technology of growing potatoes of the "Skarb" variety. So, what nuances should be considered when planting and caring for a vegetable crop?

Landing site. Give preference to a flat surface, it is good if the type of soil is black earth type. The acidity of the soil should be low to medium. The place should face the sunny side. Stagnation of water should also be avoided. Mineral fertilizers. You can buy a ready-made mixture for vegetables in the store. Or in the fall, independently fertilize the soil with the help of humus and leaves.

Preparing potatoes for planting. 4 weeks before planting, remove the potatoes to a dry and sunny spot for the eyes to germinate. In the future, such potatoes will undergo acclimatization in place much faster, because they will have a formed immunity. When the length of the tubers reaches 3 millimeters, start planting.

Pits. The depth of the pits should not exceed 5 centimeters. It is not necessary to moisten the soil before planting. Throw 2-3 potatoes into one hole and sprinkle well with soil.

Please note that the Direction of the rows of potatoes should be from north to south, this contributes to more even lighting of the plantings during the day. Care for Skarb potatoes is almost the same as for other types. If the summer is drought, watering the plant should be carried out at least twice a week. But remember about the sense of proportion to protect the tubers from decay.

What do you need to keep in mind when leaving?

  • Hilling
  • Watering
  • Weeding
  • Insect extermination

Following simple rules will help to reap a good harvest at the end of summer. The amount of the crop is directly related to the correct watering and feeding with minerals. Don't ignore simple tips.

Benefits and applications in cooking and traditional medicine

The excellent taste of the presented potato variety has found wide application in cooking. Today, you can make real culinary masterpieces from potatoes. The main feature of the dishes is a combination of simplicity, budget and exquisite taste.

Due to the fact that "Scarb" perfectly retains its shape during heat treatment, it can be served as a separate dish, and by adding baked vegetables, it can easily become your signature recipe.

To prepare?

  • French fries
  • Baked potatoes with rosemary
  • Draniki
  • Pancakes
  • Potato cutlets

This potato variety showed itself well during the preparation of the first courses. The potato is not soft and has a mild taste. It is safe to say that the properties of "Skarba" and its taste will be appreciated by the most strict housewives. Potatoes are also used in folk medicine. So, potato juice helps to restore normal acidity in the stomach, and soothe its mild pain.

It is enough to take 50 ml of freshly squeezed juice every morning on an empty stomach to forget about annoying heartburn forever. Raw potato tubers have also worked well for open wounds and burns. Wash the potatoes well, cut them in half and apply them to the affected area. To relieve pain, first put the fruits of the potatoes in the refrigerator.

Skarb potatoes are a real queen of vegetable crops. If you still have not decided what kind of potatoes to plant on your site, pay attention to "Scarb". You are guaranteed a good harvest.

Video about planting potatoes using a walk-behind tractor: