Tomato raspberry chime f1, reviews of vegetable growers, secrets of successful cultivation

The gardener always has a choice: what varieties of tomatoes to plant in his garden. Consider its characteristics, advantages and reviews about the vegetable.


  1. Characteristics of tomato raspberry ring f1
  2. Hybrid benefits
  3. Planting and features of caring for the bush
  4. Reviews of the tomato Raspberry chime f1

Tomato characteristic

For rolling, salads and making vegetable juice, it is rarely possible to use one type of tomato. Nevertheless, some varieties that are far from universal purpose, are extremely popular among summer residents, the reason for this is the impressive harvest volumes. Take at least a salad tomato Raspberry ringing.

The plant belongs to the new generation hybrids, it is determinant. The bush grows to a height of 1-1.2 m, after which it releases forces and nutrients for the formation and development of fruits. The vigorous stem is covered with medium-sized rich green wrinkled leaves.

The root system is strong and well developed. Often, 3 stems are left near the bush, which are eventually tied to pegs. 5-7 fruit clusters are formed on each stem. One bunch contains from 3 to 7 fruits.

Tomato belongs to early ripening varieties. From the day the sprouts appear until the reddish hue of the fruit appears, three and a half months pass.

Based on many photos, the Raspberry Jingle tomatoes have a color that confirms their name. As it matures, the color changes from greenish to pink, after which it becomes very bright. Unlike its counterparts, the variety does not have dark spots near the stalk.

The fruits of the plant are large, spherical, the weight of each varies from 150 to 190 g. The main advantage is in the juicy sweet pulp, covered with a thin skin. The consistency of medium density, the fruits exude a pronounced pleasant aroma.

Outwardly, the tomatoes look very presentable - the shape is symmetrical, rich color, smooth shiny surface. The presentation remains for a long time. Tomatoes of this variety can be picked unripe. The fruits grow well indoors.

Raspberry ringing is ideal for making salads, lecho, ketchup and tomato juice. It should be borne in mind that the fruits are not suitable for preservation as a whole.

Hybrid benefits

He is extremely popular and has gained many admirers. Why are the fruits so fond of?

The tomato has many benefits:

  • Thanks to breeding work, the variety gained immunity to most diseases: late blight, tobacco mosaic, Alternaria.
  • High yield of the plant. From each square. m. it is possible to collect up to 20 kg of fruit.
  • In the southern regions it grows well in the open field. In mid-latitudes, the plant is easily cultivated in greenhouses and greenhouses.
  • Long shelf life for ripe tomatoes. The possibility of ripening (harvesting a greenish crop with further ripening indoors).
  • Good transportability.
  • Excellent taste and high quality pulp.
  • Due to early maturity, ripening occurs earlier than other varieties.

The disadvantages include the need for care and the unsuitability of the resulting seeds for further cultivation.

Tomato Raspberry Jingle of the Siberian Garden brand can be purchased in garden shops and online stores. Juicy vegetable salads are obtained from the fruits. The variety is perfect for planting on a private plot and industrial cultivation.

Planting and features of caring for the bush

The variety bears fruit both in the greenhouse and in the open field. If you follow the simple rules of care, you can get rich harvests.


Pre-sowing of seeds is carried out to obtain seedlings. Plants are planted in the greenhouse after 1.5-2 months, and in open ground - 1-2 weeks later, when frosts pass.

For germination, a temperature regime of 24-25 ° C is suitable. For 1 sq.m. no more than 4 plants are placed on the garden area. In order for the seedlings to hatch faster, they purchase ready-made means that stimulate growth. 2-3 stems are formed at the plant, the stepsons are cut off.


For the fruits to be tasty and juicy, regular watering is required. Use warm water whenever possible. With a lack of moisture, tomatoes lose their juiciness and become smaller, and the peel becomes tough.

Complexes of mineral dressing are suitable for the Raspberry ringing variety. For a young bush, nitrogen preparations are used, and during the flowering period, phosphorus and potassium-based products are used. Organic fertilizers are also useful: manure or bird droppings diluted in water.

Hybrid variety Raspberry ringing grows poorly and feels bad in acidic soil, until death. It is better to give preference to soil with neutral acidity.

The plant is rarely attacked by diseases and parasites, but some gardeners prefer to play it safe and resort to preventive spraying with special preparations. The owner should remember to tie up the shoots as the fruit emerges.

Reviews of the tomato Raspberry chime f1

Tomato raspberry chink f1 reviews are mostly positive. Gardeners appreciate the variety for its excellent taste and high yield. Raspberry tinkle is one of the best representatives of lettuce tomatoes. The pulp is sweet and aromatic. Delicious tomato juice is obtained from the fruit.

Those who have had a chance to deal with tomato note good transportability and long shelf life. Tomato farmers and sellers claim that vegetables are in great demand among the population.

Some housewives complain that the Crimson Chime is not suitable for rolling as a whole. However, the variety is not intended for this.

Gardeners report equally high yields in the open field and in greenhouse conditions. With sufficient watering, the fruits grow very large. There were tomatoes weighing about 400g.

Tomato Raspberry Jingle f1 is a worthy contender for planting in the garden. A lot of advantages made it possible to achieve popularity among summer residents and farmers. To obtain a harvest, you will have to follow the planting and care recommendations. Then the time and effort spent will be rewarded.

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