What does the pineapple grow on, where it grows, how many years, how it blooms, is it possible to grow in a pot

Pineapple is a tropical fruit with an unusual shape and a tart sweet taste. In our territorial zone, it has long gained particular popularity and takes pride of place on almost all festive tables.

Many have no idea what the pineapple grows on and how exactly this overseas fruit appears. But, for the uninitiated, we inform you: this opinion is erroneous.


  1. Where pineapples grow
  2. What does pineapple grow on?
  3. How many years does pineapple grow
  4. How pineapple blooms
  5. Is it possible to grow pineapple in a pot
  6. Application

Where pineapples grow

Among all fruits grown in the tropics, pineapple ranks third in terms of production scale. In tropical countries, the cultivation of exotic fruits is considered an important and fundamental part of agriculture. Almost all countries with tropical weather conditions do not miss the opportunity to make money on the cultivation of this crop.

After full ripening, the fruits of the culture begin to emit a unique, unusual and very pleasant smell. Their taste is also distinguished by its originality. There are not so many fruits in the world that combine acidity and sweetness so successfully at the same time.

Depending on the variety and weather conditions, fruits can grow up to 15 kg in weight, while the seeds do not ripen in them. The pulp, depending on the variety, can be white or slightly yellowish.

If we disassemble the content of the pulp into components as a percentage, we get the following result: water 86.1%, inverted sugar 4.5%, sucrose 6.9%, nitrogenous substances 0.41%, acids 0.52%, ash 0, 42%.

Almost all crops related to dessert and food varieties are directly related to the large-crested species. The central part of Brazil is considered the homeland of the species. It was from this territorial zone with dry plateaus that the culture spread and gained worldwide recognition.

The navigator Magellan, who visited this area in 1519, described the outlandish fruit at that time in a rather flattering form. He was very impressed by the taste and unusual appearance.

Quite quickly, after America was discovered, the Portuguese brought the culture to India and Africa. On the territory of present-day Europe, pineapple fruits first came to about 1650.

Its cultivation here took place exclusively in greenhouse conditions. Outlandish fruits at that time were considered special chic, cost a lot of money and were far from available to the entire population.

But, in the middle of the 19th century, it became possible to produce fruits by sea ferry on motor ships directly from plantations located in tropical countries. This factor was the beginning of the end for greenhouse cultivation.

What does pineapple grow on?

It is a perennial plant that can grow and develop fully exclusively in warm but arid areas. In height, depending on the type, it can reach 1.5 meters. The stem is not too long and is completely covered with tough, elongated foliage.

It looks like a hard and thorny shrub, although in fact it belongs to herbaceous plants.

How many years does pineapple grow

Like most herbaceous plants, pineapple grows for a relatively short time. Its life span consists of a period of forcing, flowering and fruit ripening.

After harvesting, you will need to plant new plants to get the next one.

How pineapple blooms

Not all lovers of this fruit have the slightest idea of ​​how flowering occurs. This amazing process can be observed at least one and a half years after planting.

The inflorescence can reach 15 cm in length and is formed from a large number (about 200) of flowers arranged in a spiral, which sit quite tightly on the stem and are surrounded by a bracts.

Depending on the species and variety, the color of the flowers can range from pink to purple.

At the moment when the ovary begins to form and it grows, some berries begin to merge, so that, as a result, a juicy fruit with a whole core and the presence of a prickly dense rind can appear on store shelves.

There are almost no seeds in the fruits of cultivated varieties. Therefore, their reproduction is carried out exclusively vegetatively.

After the end of the harvest, the old plants are uprooted.

The vacant space is filled with lateral processes taken from old plants, which are formed in sufficient quantities in the leaf axils and the root zone. This growing method makes it possible to preserve the variety and shortens the already lengthy growing process a little.

Is it possible to grow pineapple in a pot

In southern Europe and the United States, in areas where climatic conditions are warm enough, growing a certain pineapple variety in pots has long been the norm. A large and unusual plant can decorate not only a personal plot, but also an apartment or house.

The fruits of the variety grown at home are outwardly slightly different from those that residents of our regions are accustomed to seeing on supermarket shelves.

Homemade varieties have a brighter and more variegated color of foliage, and will also delight owners with juicy fruits, albeit of a smaller size. True, it is worth noting that the taste of the fruits of such varieties also differ from those that were grown in more natural climatic conditions.

But if you want to grow your own pineapple that resembles a real one in taste and aroma, you can try to do it from the top of the fruit purchased in a fruit store.

Of course, in order for the result of the spent time and effort to please the owner, it is necessary to carefully read and understand all the subtleties of this process. To do this, you need to study the appropriate literature or find on the Internet a corresponding video with a detailed description.

The main problem of care with this type of cultivation is the creation of a temperature regime for the plant, the implementation of high-quality and timely watering and feeding.

But, by carefully observing the growth of an exotic fruit, you can learn to understand its needs. And already after an incident one and a half years from the time of planting in the soil, a domestic green pet will delight with its amazing flowering, and then with a juicy fruit.


Pineapple fruit is considered a very valuable and nutritious product. They can and should be eaten both raw and after heat treatment. For example, a canned product is often used in the creation of confectionery: sweets, cakes, jams, preserves and others.

Biologically active complexes in the composition of pineapple have a lot of useful qualities and properties, for example, such as:

  • active stimulation of the digestive system,
  • bowel cleansing,
  • thinning blood.

But, the use of pure pineapple and products with its content should be limited or excluded from the diet in general, for people who suffer from serious stomach diseases.

It is also worth noting that the leaves contain a large amount of strong fibers, which are quite suitable and quite often used in spinning.

To improve digestion

Pineapple fruits are advised to use for various disorders of the digestive tract. The components that it is rich in increase the activity of the production of gastric juice.

In other words, after a meal, it is advisable to drink 250 grams of pineapple juice or replace the juice with a small piece of fresh fruit.

This option will be especially useful for bringing the stomach to normal for those who prefer to consume many different dishes at one time, which include a large amount of meat and fiber.

Anti-nausea agent

In addition, those who like to travel by water and by air need to remember that at the first symptoms of nausea on any type of appropriate transport, you need to drink a glass of pineapple juice or eat a small piece of it. After a very short time, the symptoms and discomfort will disappear.

Diet food

If you want to get rid of excess weight, pineapple fruit should become an invariable product of the daily diet. This fruit belongs to products with a minimum calorie content and contains only 48 kcal in every 100 grams.

The potassium salts contained in the fruit help to remove excess fluid from the body, thereby contributing to weight loss. For example, a dessert, the main ingredient of which is pineapple fruit, will help you digest a high-calorie lunch or dinner that you have eaten earlier and better.


Experienced world cosmetology advises to regularly make pineapple masks for owners of skin prone to oily. The useful components included in the composition will help get rid of annoying oily sheen, cleanse the skin of various impurities associated with excessive sebum secretion, get a lighter and more even complexion of the skin of the face and get a lot of useful sensations from a fragrant and extremely useful procedure.

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