Cucumber Chinese Snakes, reviews of Chinese cucumbers, their advantages and disadvantages

Cucumber Chinese Snakes, reviews of Chinese cucumbers, their advantages and disadvantages

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Cucumber is a popular vegetable used in salads, vegetable dishes and pickling. A variety of the vegetable we are used to is called the Chinese cucumber.


  1. Features of cucumbers Chinese snakes
  2. Popular varieties of long cucumbers
  3. How to grow a bush in a garden
  4. What are the advantages and disadvantages of Chinese cucumbers

Features of cucumbers Chinese snakes

Chinese cucumbers, like traditional cucumbers, belong to the Pumpkin genus. However, they have significant differences. The fruits are much larger, elongated, the length of each can reach 80 cm. There is no bitterness in Chinese varieties, the flesh is denser, without voids. The peel tastes sweet, the vegetable has an aroma that is more reminiscent of watermelon or melon.

The Chinese snake variety is very young, bred by breeders in 2015, famous for its long fruits (45-80 cm).

Cucumbers are early ripening, ripen a month after germination. You can enjoy the harvest at the end of spring.

The cucumbers are narrow (no more than 7 cm in diameter), with a dark green bumpy skin and light stripes. The weight of each specimen is 300-400 g. Chinese cucumbers are perfect for pickling, preserving (in pieces) and eating raw. When pickled, they taste like gherkins. Fresh vegetables are not stored for long, withering quickly.

Chinese snakes are traditionally grown in greenhouse conditions. Therefore, the fruits are easy to get in our latitudes.

Interestingly, the variety does not need pollination. The flowering is mixed, in each node 1-2 female flowers are formed, bearing fruit.

Without forming and pruning, the bush grows indefinitely. Therefore, gardeners remove side shoots.

The variety has a high yield. It is possible to collect about 30 kg of vegetables from one bush. However, it is possible to achieve such a volume only by growing in a greenhouse, in the open field the yield is lower.

The plant is resistant to lack of moisture and undemanding to lighting. High temperatures do not affect the condition of the cucumbers, provided that they are well-watered. The bushes are resistant to most common diseases.

Popular varieties of long cucumbers

Chinese cucumbers were bred relatively recently, but they have already managed to fall in love with summer residents. Consider the popular varieties that are grown in our climatic zone.

Chinese miracle

The variety is characterized by unpretentiousness in care and external conditions. It tolerates hot days and cold snaps well. Ripening period is about 8 weeks. Fruits are of standard color, slightly curved in shape. The length of each cucumber is about 40 cm. The variety is considered universal.

Chinese cold-resistant F1

The hybrid got its name for a reason, the plant is highly tolerant of cold. This makes it easy to grow cucumbers outdoors. The variety is medium early, from the moment the shoots appear to the ripening of the crop, it takes 7-8 weeks.

Fruits are elongated, with pimples. From 1 sq.m. harvested 8-10 kg of the crop.

Chinese heat resistant F1

The variety is appreciated for its high yield and excellent fruit quality. The plant easily tolerates high temperatures (up to 35 ° C) and is adapted to heat. Ripening period 6.5-8 weeks. Fruits are smooth, elongated cylindrical in shape.

Cucumbers are covered with a thin skin, juicy flesh inside. The bush is resistant to many diseases and pests.

Emerald Stream

Chinese cucumber emerald flow is interesting because it is a product of Russian selection. Compared to its brethren, the bush is rather tall and weakly weaves. Seedlings are planted in the ground no earlier than mid-April, when the cold snap is over.

Earlier planting is allowed in greenhouses. The weight of each fruit is 150-200 g, and the length is 40-50 cm. The yield is 6-8 kg per 1 sq. M.

White delicacy

A variety unlike its counterparts, characterized by a light, almost white skin color. The fruits of the White delicacy are shorter, and their shape is conical. The plant is resistant to temperature fluctuations, changes in weather and humidity.

How to grow a bush in a garden

The cultivation technology for Chinese cucumbers is similar to that used for traditional plants.

Sowing seeds

The seeds of the Chinese snake can be immediately planted in the ground. In this case, half of the specimens can sprout, and the harvest will appear later. Therefore, experts recommend using the seedling method.

The seeds are planted in containers with a diameter of 25 cm, filled with peat, to a depth of 2 cm. The most suitable temperature for sprouting is about + 33 C. To create such conditions, the pot is covered with foil.

A week after the emergence of sprouts, arrange a daily 3-hour airing, gradually adding time without film.

Landing in the ground

The sprouts are ready for transplanting to a permanent place three weeks after emergence. By this time, they reach a height of 16-20 cm.

Chinese cucumbers often poorly form lateral shoots, one stem develops. Therefore, the plants are planted denser than regular cucumbers. For 1 sq.m. place 3-4 bushes. The lashes are placed on the trellises. This is how smooth fruits with a presentable look are obtained.

Immediately after transplanting, top dressing is applied. Each bush will need 0.5 cups of ash and 25 g of saltpeter.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Chinese cucumbers

Like any exotic, the product has supporters and opponents. Reviews of the cucumber Chinese snakes agree that the variety is high-yielding, and the fruits grow very quickly in length. Some gardeners like the sweetish taste, while others consider it a disadvantage. Those who have grown the plant themselves argue that the bush is unpretentious and takes root quickly.

What other pros and cons did those who encountered the Chinese serpent find?


  • high productivity and long-term fruiting
  • shade tolerance
  • resistance to powdery mildew, furasia wilt
  • lack of bitterness
  • thin skin
  • fragrant dense pulp
  • the possibility of growing in the open field
  • the possibility of obtaining a crop in a greenhouse before frost
  • self-pollination


  • inability to preserve whole cucumbers
  • short shelf life of fresh fruits
  • rapid loss of taste (within a day)
  • the need to tie lashes to trellises

When growing a plant in your garden, it should be borne in mind that the product deteriorates very quickly, loses its attractive taste and becomes soft.

The product should be eaten fresh or immediately proceed to harvesting - salting, rolling.

The Chinese snake is a recently developed cucumber variety. The hybrid has new properties and taste. By planting a plant in his garden, the owner will receive a rich harvest of large vegetables with an exquisite taste.

You will learn more about the features of caring for Chinese varieties of cucumbers by watching the video:

Watch the video: Cut The Cucumber Just So u0026 It Becomes A Work Of Art (June 2022).


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