Fuji apple variety, its advantages and features, planting and cultivation

When working on the creation of new varieties of fruit trees, breeders do not forget that it will be much easier for a new product to gain popularity if it has a bright and attractive appearance. This is exactly what happened with the new Japanese variety of Fuji apples, they are fragrant, attract with their bright color and exquisite shape.


  1. Description of the Fuji apple variety, its features
  2. Fuji apples taste, calorie content, nutrients in the composition
  3. Fuji apple tree where to buy a seedling, how to plant it correctly
  4. Secrets of great fruiting
  5. How to harvest and preserve crops
  6. Cooking applications

Description of the Fuji apple variety, its features

We have already mentioned that the variety was imported from Japan, breeders created it by crossing two others, no less popular: Red Delicious and Rolls Janet. The taste of the fruit is distinguished by its special sophistication and originality.

The fruits themselves are beautiful, oblong-rounded, each weighing up to a quarter of a kilogram. The peel is matte and smooth, with a bright blush on a green-yellow background, the pulp has a creamy hue and taste, which harmoniously combines sweetness and light sourness. Fuji's apple tree is tall, grows quickly, and is distinguished by abundant fruiting.

Among the main distinguishing characteristics are:

  • late flowering, which occurs at the beginning of May, when the threat of frost has already passed, i.e. freezing of the ovaries is practically not observed
  • the tree prefers a well-lit, but sheltered place from the wind
  • the tree loves soils that are nutritious, not too moist
  • the tree gives active fruiting every second year
  • differs in frost resistance, which allows it to be grown in the conditions of the Middle Lane
  • the sophistication of taste, the fruits acquire only with the third harvest
  • darker fruits are sweeter than light-skinned fruits

The apple tree is highly resistant to scab damage, but it can be significantly affected by powdery mildew or fire blight.

Among the features of the Fuji apple tree, it should be remembered that the following varieties will be ideal pollinators for it:

  • Ligol
  • Facets Smith
  • Red Delicious
  • Golden

Since the variety itself is diploid, it will turn out to be an excellent pollinator for other apple varieties. The variety has clones, the most famous is the Fuji Kiku apple variety bred in Italy, as well as Fujik, Krasnodar selection.

See what our apple looks like surrounded by fruits of other popular varieties: moderate size and perfect shape.

Fuji apples taste, calorie content, nutrients in the composition

The composition of the fruit includes water, about 10% carbohydrates, fiber. Of the beneficial substances contained in an apple, it should be noted:

  • iodine and iron in the form of trace elements
  • vitamins of group B and PP
  • vitamins A and C, and the amount of the latter in 100 grams of the product reaches 30 mg
  • potassium and calcium, manganese

Ascorbic acid and fructose contained in the fruits help to improve the functioning of the immune system.

Those who are on a diet can not refuse to eat apples of this variety, the calorie content of 100 g of the product is only 71 kcal. Moreover, nutritionists even recommend including them in the menu for overweight patients.

Apples are a useful product for people suffering from diabetes, arthritis, gout. B vitamins help to strengthen the nervous system and cardiovascular, reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes.

Pectins and fiber have a beneficial effect on the intestines and contribute to its cleaning, which is important for the normal functioning of the organs of the gastrointestinal tract.

Apples should be eaten with caution by people with gastric ulcer and gastritis with high acidity.

Fuji apple tree where to buy a seedling, how to plant it correctly

To grow such a useful product with your own hands, you will need to buy a high-quality seedling and plant it correctly. It is better to make a purchase in a specialized nursery, and you will not be mistaken with the variety and you will get a strong and well-groomed seedling, grown according to all the rules.

For planting trees, you should choose an unshaded area with moderately moist soil rich in nutrients. Preparation of a hole for a seedling, fertilization and watering are carried out in the same way as when planting other varieties of fruit trees.

Experienced gardeners practice the processing of the roots of the seedling, immediately before planting they are soaked for several minutes in a one percent solution of copper sulfate, and thoroughly washed with water.

Such a preventive measure will help a young apple tree acquire resistance to diseases.

Secrets of great fruiting

To avoid too much stress on the young tree, it is advisable to remove some of the ovaries. As a result, the palatability of the fruits will increase, the fruits themselves will be much larger.

As mandatory, the following procedures must be carried out systematically:

  • cleaning trim
  • feeding
  • watering, and in the first months after spring planting, it is recommended to water the seedling two to three times a week, the minimum volume of water is 10 liters for each watering

With regard to the fight against diseases, it is recommended to take the following measures:

  • from fire blight treatment with copper-containing agents
  • in case of a strong bacterial infection, it is recommended to uproot the tree, this will prevent the spread of infection throughout the garden
  • to fight scab, you can use Bordeaux mixture, 1% solution
  • from aphids, depending on the season, treatment with organophosphate preparations or pyrethroids should be applied.

How to harvest and preserve crops

Since Fuji is a late apple variety, the harvest is done in mid-autumn. But it is not recommended to rush with their use: healthy and strong fruits should be kept for a month, as long as it takes for full ripening.

Full pulp allows trouble-free storage of fruits for six months. If there is a possibility, boxes with apples are placed in refrigerators or cellars, in such conditions they will not lose their appearance and excellent taste until the next season, i.e. can be stored for a whole year.

Fruits of this variety perfectly tolerate long-distance transportation.

Cooking applications

The area of ​​use of Fuji apples in cooking is the widest:

  • they can be eaten fresh and included in salads
  • can be used to make baby food puree and juices
  • they can be baked, used as a filling for pies and muffins, included in charlotte and casseroles

Let's see an interesting video about the Fuji Kiku apple variety:

Watch the video: Pops Perspective: Apples - Fuji, Pink Lady and GoldRush (September 2021).