Description of tomato Polbig f1, planting and care features

Description of tomato Polbig f1, planting and care features

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Tomatoes of the Polbig f1 variety are a product of the development of Dutch breeders. To evaluate all the positive and negative points, let's get acquainted with the description of the tomato Polbig f1


  1. Description of tomato Polbig f1.
  2. Tomato Polbig - characteristics of the variety
  3. Planting method
  4. Care features
  5. Diseases and pests
  6. Reviews of tomato Polbig f1

Description of tomato Polbig f1

The determinant bush reaches a height of 60-85 cm. In the greenhouse it stretches up to 1.3 m. It has a powerful stem and a strong root system. There are not too many leaves. They are large and green.

Fruiting with a hybrid brush. 6-8 berries of the same size grow on one branch. With proper planting and leaving the bush, you can collect 4-5 kg ​​of tomatoes.

The fruits are round, bright red. Their weight is 100-130 grams. when grown outdoors. Greenhouse bushes produce tomatoes weighing up to 200 grams. The berries are slightly flattened, slightly ribbed. Their peel is dense, does not crack. The pulp is juicy.

The taste of tomatoes is sour, so not everyone likes them fresh. Usually tomatoes are used for making salads, juices, pasta. The variety is well suited for home canning.

Tomato Polbig - characteristics of the variety

The main characteristics of these tomatoes are:

Early maturity

The fruits ripen 3 months after the first shoots appear.

Keeping quality

Tomatoes are kept fresh for 1-3 weeks. Thanks to this, the fruits can ripen after being removed.

Disease resistance

Tomatoes are harvested before the outbreak of solanaceous disease epidemics. The variety is not susceptible to infection with verticillium and fusarium.


Thanks to the dense skin, the fruits do not burst or crack during transportation. This is a definite plus for those who grow tomatoes for sale. The same size tomatoes also look good on the shelves.

Resistant to weather conditions

The plant tolerates spring temperature drops. Unfavorable conditions do not affect fruiting.

Planting method

The seed is sold in stores. As with other hybrids, you won't be able to prepare it yourself. Seeds are planted at the end of March. For planting, take small boxes or pots with drainage holes for the outflow of water. The containers are filled with soil consisting of peat and earth in equal proportions. In the southern regions, it is possible to plant seeds directly into open ground.

The planting material is placed in the soil at 1 cm. For germination, it needs good lighting and a temperature of 25-27 ° C. If necessary, use a phytolamp.

Before the first leaves appear, the seedlings should be under the film.

A pick is made after the appearance of 2-3 true leaves. Plants are planted on the beds when they already have a strong stem and 6-8 leaves. This usually happens 2 months after sowing. Tomatoes can be planted in the greenhouse a little earlier.

A couple of weeks before transferring the bushes to a permanent place, it is recommended to temper them. To do this, the seedlings are briefly taken out into the street. The minimum air temperature must be at least 14 ° C.

During transplantation, the central root should be pinned for better development. Plants are staggered so that 1 sq. m. 5-6 bushes fit. The landing site is chosen sufficiently illuminated, not waterlogged. It is optimal if zucchini, cabbage, cucumbers or carrots grew in the garden before the tomatoes.

Superphosphate or mineral fertilizer is added to each well. The soil is watered abundantly with water so that the top dressing decomposes better.

To stimulate growth, the bushes are additionally treated with Ovary or Solution.

Care features

The Polbig hybrid grows slowly if not properly cared for. To obtain the best harvest, water the bushes under the root with warm water 1-2 times a week. Watering should not be too abundant to avoid root rot.

It is better to spend it in the morning or evening, when the sun is not too bright. Do not allow moisture to get on the leaves and stems. The optimal amount of water is 3 liters per plant. During the flowering period, it is increased to 5 liters.

You also need regular mulching, loosening and weeding.

Stepsons are systematically removed so that 2-3 stems remain. It is important to tie up the bush so that it does not break under the weight of the fruit.

For fertilization, nitrogen-containing substances are used. They are brought in before flowering begins. When inflorescences appear, phosphorus is used. Potassium supplements are optimal for fruiting.

Diseases and pests

The Polbig variety is resistant to all fungal and bacterial diseases, including fusarium, late blight and verticillosis. He does not need preventive treatment against pests and diseases.

The only natural enemy of the tomato is the scoop butterfly. She lays the larvae, devouring the fruits and roots of the plant. Due to the insect and caterpillars, the yield is sharply reduced.

To get rid of the pest, it is recommended to treat the plant and the soil around it with Tsitkor, Desos or Arrivo. Re-processing is carried out in a week.

For preventive purposes, weeds are regularly removed so that the pests have less food. In the fall, they carefully dig up the soil to get rid of wintering pupae.

Reviews of tomato Polbig f1

The gardeners call the main disadvantage of Polbig the need for pinching and garter. This makes caring for the plant more difficult than for other varieties. Also, many do not like the taste of these tomatoes, but they are forgiven for this because they are the first to appear on the tables. In addition, gustatory flaws disappear in salting.

In addition to early maturity, gardeners note the variety's resistance to low temperatures and pests, high productivity. They also like very good seed germination.

The farmers are satisfied with the appearance of the tomatoes and the fact that they tolerate transportation well.

Tomato Polbig f1 is indispensable for those who like to pamper themselves with homemade vegetables at the beginning of summer. It will also be an excellent choice for gardeners who grow tomatoes for sale. This variety is optimal for hot dishes, pickles and canning.

For those who like fresh tomatoes, it is better to choose something else. Although, this is a matter of taste.

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