Top dressing of potatoes: when and what is done to increase yields

Top dressing of potatoes: when and what is done to increase yields

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Potatoes are a frequent guest on our dining tables. That is why he is the most respected resident in our gardens.

In order to get a good harvest in the fall, the plants need to be taken care of in the spring and summer. Potatoes are no exception. Top dressing of potatoes takes place in the cultivation of this crop, while a distinction is made between foliar dressing, when fertilizer is sprayed onto the plant itself, and root dressings, which most often take place in the care of this root crop.

So, root feeding of potatoes is carried out before hilling and is called "under the count". The very name of the dressing speaks for itself. A stake is driven into the ground between the plants, which pushes a depression of about 20 cm. A fertilizer solution is poured into this depression. The best option is 1 recess for 3 bushes in a triangle. Each of the plants will take for itself the nutrients it needs from the fertilizer, and the roots will remain intact and will not be burned.

It is best to feed the potatoes with bird droppings, which contain all the nutrients they need - potassium, phosphorus, nitrogen. If possible, ash is added to poultry droppings in a 2: 1 ratio.

The fertilizer itself is prepared at the rate of 1 part of manure to 2 parts of water, everything mixes well, and the lumps break. The need for fertilizing per 1 hectare of land is about 6-10 kg.

An excellent top dressing for potatoes can also be marsh duckweed, silt from lakes or swamps.
After the potatoes have been fertilized, the soil must be loosened, and the potatoes must be spud.

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