Proper blueberry care - delicious berries on the table

Proper blueberry care - delicious berries on the table

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Growing berries in home beds is a very popular activity among amateur gardeners, because they are often very beautiful bushes that are covered with fragrant berries that are ready to fall into our mouths or on the table at any moment in the summer. One of the common berries for cultivation in summer cottages and backyard plots is blueberry.

Caring for blueberries is quite simple, because this berry grows well in forests, where no one provides any care for trees and bushes, except for Mother Nature herself.

So, first, let's figure out what blueberries are. It is a low or tall shrub from the blueberry family, which is particularly hardy, resistant to many pests and diseases, is quite durable and fructifies very early. With proper care, blueberries can produce crops for 50 to 90 years. Blueberries are widely used for treatment in folk medicine, and they are simply sweet with sourness, which have an incredible aroma.

Blueberry care is more dependent on the soil in which it was planted. It takes root well on drained peat loamy, sandy and soddy-podzolic soils. Blueberries are cross-pollinated. The soil should be moderately acidic, moist and fertile enough, and the blueberries will also need to provide adequate oxygen supply, so drainage is common in blueberry care.

Pollination is carried out by bees, bumblebees and other insects, so it is best to plant two types of blueberries close to each other.

Shrubs should be planted in a sunny area protected from the wind.

Watering blueberries should be done in moderate doses, but so that the top layer is not dry. Top dressing should be carried out with mineral fertilizers, best of all in the year after planting.

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