White maple - Acer negundo


The white maple or Acer negundo is a medium-sized tree, native to North America; adult specimens can reach 9-15 meters in height quite quickly. The stem is erect, smooth, with brown or greyish bark, slightly cracked; the branches are very dense, and form a nice rounded or elongated crown. The leaves are light green, pinnate, divided into 3-5 small oval leaves, with an irregular margin; they become yellow in the fall, before falling. It is a dioecious tree, so some specimens produce only male flowers, others only female flowers; in both cases these are inconspicuous flowers of a yellowish-green color. The fruits are short samare papyrus, which develop in long clusters, sometimes present on the plant until spring. Plant widely used in large and spacious parks and gardens; this tree has been cultivated in Europe for several centuries; the cultivars are mainly cultivated, with variegated or mottled foliage.

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The Acer negundo is grown in a sunny place, or partially shaded; it does not fear the cold and tolerates intense frost without problems but also the hottest and torrid summer. It is advisable to protect the roots of young plants recently planted, mulching the soil with foliage or straw.
As for watering, this plant is generally satisfied with the rains, even the young plants endure drought for short periods without problems, but also humidity or a soil steeped in water. In spring it is advisable to sprinkle mature organic fertilizer on the ground around the tree, burying it with a hoe. In summer, in particularly hot periods, the aeg negundo, like all maples, needs regular watering instead to prevent the leaves from curling up.

Land and multiplication

These trees develop without problems in any soil, acid or alkaline; in general however they prefer fairly soft and medium-drained soils, not particularly rich in organic matter.
A plain weaving ground is fine for white maple but being able to choose the ideal soil for the acer negundo is a soil capable of offering a good dose of organic substance and a texture sufficient to ensure good soil aeration.
As for the multiplication, in summer it is possible to take semi-woody cuttings, from the tips of the branches that have not bloomed; like many other maples it tends to be self-seeded, so it is easy to find many young specimens at the base of the tree, which would be better to contain.

White maple - Acer negundo: Pests and diseases

The acer negundo is an ornamental tree used to make the home garden or the driveway in front of your home more lively and cheerful. For this reason, it is good to treat it at best to avoid seeing it lose its natural charm and beauty. The acer negundo particularly fears the attack by the American caterpillar, which prepares its nests by crumbling the foliage; even a single population of caterpillars can significantly damage the plant if it is not controlled. At the time of pest attack or disease development it will be advisable to go to the nursery near your home or to your trusted gardener and to be advised of the most suitable products to effectively solve the problem.