Rügen garden strawberry

Rügen garden strawberry

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The Rügen repair strawberry belongs to the early, extremely productive varieties and bears fruit throughout the summer and up to the first frost. It has small, rather dense berries (the weight of one varies, on average, from two and a half to five grams), which have a rich red color with bright yellow blotches, sweet, with a slight sourness, taste and a characteristic strawberry smell. This berry variety is suitable for any further processing: you can cook jams, jams from it, prepare various desserts, compotes, and also freeze for a long time for use in the winter season.

Rügen strawberries are small bushes, a characteristic feature of which is the complete absence of a mustache. This berry variety is quite unpretentious, since it does not require any special lighting and can grow normally even in partial shade, and, unlike other types of strawberries, is distinguished by considerable resistance to cold weather. However, it is best to overwinter strawberry bushes under a thick (at least twenty to thirty centimeters) snow cover. At the same time, for the winter, it is recommended to cover this culture with branches of spruce branches for better snow retention.

The optimal landing site is a flat, preferably slightly elevated area or slope, reliably protected from the wind. As for the soil, strawberries feel best in slightly acidic or neutral soil. However, any other land is suitable for this berry, the main thing is that it has a sufficient supply of nutrients. At the same time, strawberries quickly pull them out of the soil, so it is not recommended to grow it in the same place for more than four years.

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