What is a grape press - varieties, review of models, do-it-yourself manufacturing

What is a grape press - varieties, review of models, do-it-yourself manufacturing

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After harvesting grapes, unfortunately, it is impossible to keep them in bunches for a long time, it is important to process these berries as soon as possible.

The uncomplicated and simple grape press makes it possible to turn the processing of grapes into an easy and quick task.

This device can be bought ready-to-use, but since such equipment is not cheap, many people prefer to design it with their own hands.


  • What is a grape press, what types are used
  • Lahn and Vilen Press Review
  • Hydraulic grape presses
  • Hydropress for home
  • Screw Press - Self Assembly
  • Press for grapes from a washing machine
  • Grape crushers - what is it?

What is a grape press, what types are used

A grape press is a kind of juicer that allows you to quickly squeeze out all the juice from grape berries.

This device includes the following components:

  • barrel;
  • the frame on which the press device is installed;
  • a lever or screw device that drives the juicer;
  • a filtering mesh or a special surface through which the grape cake does not pass;
  • a container in which pure squeezed juice is collected.

Today, different types of these units are used, which allow you to quickly squeeze the juice. For their production, only environmentally friendly materials safe for human health are used, such as stainless steel and wood.

The following types of grape presses are used, differing from each other in productivity, design features and working methods:

  • manual or mechanical devices. Such a press is used at home, it is not difficult to make it yourself, but certain physical strength is required to operate it;
  • electric presses. These units for squeezing juice are hydraulic, pneumatic and screw. The equipment has high performance indicators, no physical labor is needed for operation, however, these devices are quite expensive;
  • universal units. These electrical appliances are suitable for processing not only grapes, but also any other fruits, vegetables and berries.

At home, you can make both a wooden and a metal press.

Lahn and Vilen Press Review

The Vilen juicer is a manual press that is used for grapes and other fruit and berry crops. These devices are used at home and on a farm, in the field of winemaking. These presses make it possible to harvest large volumes of juice by squeezing it from a huge amount of grapes and other fruits.

Here are the main advantages of Vilen units:

  • high speed of work. The screw equipment has a different volume of capacity - 5.10 liters or more. As a result of 1 pressing, you can get 5 liters of juice or more;
  • a large percentage of juice at the exit. Using a manual Vilen juicer, a person gets up to 80% of the juice from the total volume of grapes, depending on its juiciness;
  • during squeezing, the juice does not oxidize, since every element that comes into contact with the grapes is made of food-grade metal, namely stainless steel.

During use, the crushing pancake presses the grapes, and the juice flows through the perforated basket and filter bag into a special tray.

Lan presses are suitable for the survival of juice from any berries and fruits, according to the principle of operation they are almost the same as the Vilen juicers.

They are made in different volumes and have the following advantages:

  • the structure is made of durable metal;
  • all structural elements that come into contact with grapes are made of stainless steel;
  • the clamping pancake has increased strength, reinforced with several stiffeners;
  • in order to avoid corrosion, the screw has a galvanized surface;
  • plate and basket are made of stainless steel.

Manual juicers Vilen and Lan have approximately the same performance and cost, the equipment is almost the same. Each consumer decides for himself which of these presses suits him best.

Hydraulic grape presses

Hydraulic juicers are used to squeeze juice from grapes and many other berries, fruits and vegetables such as currants, apples, carrots and more.

Hydropresses are convenient and practical to use, they are made in two main varieties.

Jack press. This equipment has a square or rectangular metal frame equipped with a stop for mounting a jack rod. Moreover, in different designs, the jack is installed either at the top or at the bottom of the device, strictly in the center of the press.

It is quite easy to operate this equipment, both a man and a woman will cope with the work of squeezing the juice, because in the process of use it is not necessary to exert great physical strength.

The principle of operation is as follows: the jack rod extends and presses on the pancake, squeezing juice from berries or fruits. But there is one problem - often the length of the rod is not enough for the entire height of the basket for squeezing juice, so it is necessary to put something under the jack, for example, wooden blocks.

To solve this problem, you can purchase a special 2-stage jack.

Presses with hydraulic cylinders. These devices are manual and electrical, that is, partially automatic. The electrical appliances are connected to the mains and are activated at the push of a button; the grapes have to be manually loaded into the basket.

Semi-automatic models are usually used in the industry, the equipment is used to squeeze juice from any fruits, berries and vegetables.

Let's watch a video on how the hydraulic grape press works:

A pump with a hydraulic cylinder is installed on the metal frame of such a press, by means of the pump oil is supplied to the hydraulic cylinder, and the plasticine presses on the raw material, squeezing the juice out of it. The volume of the baskets is different, it can reach 200 liters.

Electric hydraulic juicers are quite expensive, they are rarely bought for home use, such presses with hydraulic cylinders are used mainly in factories.

Hydropress for home

The device is a semi-automatic equipment. The principle of operation is to use tap water, which is supplied to the apparatus under pressure. After grapes or other raw materials are poured into the perforated basket, it is closed with a metal lid.

In the central part of the basket there is a special rubber membrane, in which tap water is supplied under pressure.

Under the influence of water, the membrane expands, increases in size, thereby squeezing juice from fruits or vegetables. These presses work well at home, for their operation, a tap water pressure of about two to three atmospheres is enough.

These devices are made with a basket volume of twenty to two hundred liters. This equipment is popular, but its cost is much higher than the price of hydraulic or screw devices.

To work with a hydraulic press, you do not need to make great physical efforts, the device works in a semi-automatic mode. Such devices are suitable for large volumes of work, if drinks are squeezed for sale. Over time, the rubber membrane wears out and breaks, resulting in the need to purchase a new membrane.

Screw Press - Self Assembly

A screw-type mechanical press is one of the most reliable units that can be easily and quickly made by hand.

To assemble this equipment, you need a sheet of stainless steel, the thickness of the sheet should be at least one to two millimeters. This sheet will be used to make the squeezing chamber, as well as the pallet and splash guard.

The frame of this device is made of iron pipes or channels. A hole is drilled in the channel located horizontally, on top of the structure, the diameter of the hole must be greater than the thickness of the screw. A coarse nut is inserted and welded into the drilled hole.

The long screw that will be screwed into this nut must also have a coarse pitch.

Structurally, the device is quite simple, raw materials are loaded into a perforated basket, the screw is unscrewed along the thread, and due to the pressure exerted by the metal plate on the berries, the juice is squeezed out. All the cake remains in the basket, and the juice flows out through the holes into the tray, and drains, for example, into a bucket.

For the manufacture of this device, the required size of the stainless steel sheet is first prepared. On this sheet, the marking of future holes is made, they are drilled with a drill. The diameter of the holes should not be too large so that the cake does not come out. The hole diameter should be between 0.2-0.7 centimeters.

After that, the perforated metal plate is rolled up so that it takes on a cylindrical shape, then the joint is welded with a welding machine.

Next, a protective cylindrical casing is made of stainless steel, which is put on over the perforated cylinder. This casing is needed so that the squeezed out juice does not splash in all directions; over this casing it will drain into a round or square tray with a spout.

Let's watch a video about making a grape press yourself:

After that, a stable frame is welded from the channels. When it is ready, a round stainless steel plasticine is welded to a long metal screw with a large thread, matching the diameter of the perforated basket, it is this plate that will press on the berries.

At the top of the screw, a handle is welded, with which they will unscrew the screw and squeeze out the juice.

Press for grapes from a washing machine

If you have an old washing machine, the tank of which is made of stainless steel, then you can make a juicer from it yourself. If the washing machine has a working centrifuge, then a centrifugal model of a juicer is made from the device.

In any case, the first thing to do is draw a detailed drawing of the future unit and prepare the necessary consumables and tools.

It is important to act according to the following scheme:

  • all elements are thoroughly cleaned from scale, corrosion and rust. It is convenient to polish the surface with ordinary sandpaper;
  • there will be only 2 holes in the structure. Raw materials are loaded through one, and squeezed juice flows through the other. If there are other holes on the washing machine, they are closed with inserts cut from rubber;
  • cut out a gasket from a stainless steel grinder, and also prepare a stainless steel grater. A lot of holes are drilled in a round stainless steel sheet, the circles are divided into several sectors, after which the cutting teeth are stuffed, and the whole element is fixed with screws;
  • reliable metal stiffeners are inserted into the drum, and also equipped with a filter mesh;
  • the loading container is made of a cylinder, for example, a polyethylene pipe, which is fixed with metal corners. It is important to fix it with a slight shift to one side, so that the edge of this pipe coincides with the exit from the grater;
  • so that the raw material is conveniently pressed, a pusher is prepared from a handle;
  • in order to avoid dropping the device below the permissible level, set a limiter;
  • prepare and fix the electric motor.

Depending on its power, the unit will be more or less powerful.

It is important that all structural elements are securely fastened and fixed, in addition, the electrical elements must be insulated.

Grape crushers - what is it?

Such a crusher is a small, fairly simple device that allows you to quickly grind berries, from the resulting mixture to further prepare wine or squeeze juice.

Crushers are used both at home and in factories.

The simplest apparatus includes a bunker for loading berries or fruits; at the bottom of this bunker there are two rollers that are parallel to each other. This hopper is located on a metal or wooden frame-frame, the device is mechanically driven by a handle that rotates the rollers through a system of gears. In some models of crushers, a container is provided into which the crushed raw material falls.

The rollers are located at a small distance from each other, and when the berries fall between the rollers, the grapes are crushed, while its seeds are not damaged. When the handle rotates, the rollers rotate in different directions, and the berries that fall between the rollers are crushed, after which the juice with the pulp enters the container or vat located at the bottom of the crusher. Electrical and mechanical crushers are made.

So, there are many different types of grape presses. The finished device can either be bought in a store, or you can design it yourself. Self-assembly is not difficult at all, the main thing is to prepare all the necessary consumables, tools, and act strictly according to the scheme.



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