How the planting of felt cherries is carried out

How the planting of felt cherries is carried out

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Pollination and planting of felt cherries are usually extremely successful. Let's list them.

How to grow a felt cherry

Felt cherry is a compact shrub of 2-2.5 m. The stem is very short.

Cherry is fast-growing, it can please for the 2-3rd year with its own fruits. Felt cherries will prefer fertile, light soil that is well drained. The reaction should be neutral. Excess moisture can have a bad effect on growth, and even on fruiting and overwintering. As a result, the bush dies. Acidic soil must be limed.

The tree needs a sunny place. Shading is harmful. How to plant a tree?

  • Saplings 1-2 years old. age planted in autumn and spring;
  • In the bowels of the planting pit or trench with a width of 60 cm and approximately the same depth, you need to make a soil mixture;
  • Based on 1 m2, organic fertilizers are needed in the calculation of 3 buckets, lime take 400-800 g, phosphorus - 40-60, potassium - 20-30 g of the category of active substance;
  • It is necessary to make the mixture even by mixing. It is recommended to cut the root system by about 20-25 cm. They are treated with a clay mash and planted with bushes. After planting, it is necessary to cultivate the soil - compact it, water it abundantly and mulch it with peat.

You can plant only 2-3 trees on the site. Need a sparse landing pattern. It is created as follows: 3-3.5 per 1 or 1.5 m. We need 1-2-year-old seedlings. The plant will need to be grown in the form of a bush. This can be done by trimming. This is how the felt cherry is planted.

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