Today, according to the lunar calendar, gardeners will recognize the days favorable for planting.

Today, according to the lunar calendar, gardeners will recognize the days favorable for planting.

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It is difficult to find a person who would call the lunar calendar stupidity.

Today, according to the lunar calendar, plants are planted, events are planned and even such trifles as haircuts, since the influence of the moon on living organisms is not questioned.


  • Lunar calendar for today, what information contains
  • What can you do today according to the lunar calendar
  • Is it possible to transplant flowers today according to the lunar calendar
  • That today, according to the lunar calendar, you can plant

Lunar calendar for today, what information contains

The lunar calendar is based on the process of changing the phases of the moon. People have been observing and studying this relationship since ancient times, as some believe that the first such calendar was invented in the third millennium BC in Mesopotamia.

It allows you to find out about the periods of the approach of the moon to the Earth and distance from it. These periods affect in different ways both the well-being of people and the processes of growth and development in plants.

That is why the use of this information is widespread among agronomists.

Knowing in what phase the satellite of the Earth is and in what sign of the Zodiac, you can get information, based on which it will become clear whether it is worth starting a new business in the garden and in life or not.

We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the sowing calendar and find out how to use it correctly, watch the video:

What can you do today according to the lunar calendar

Depending on the position of the moon, it is worth adjusting the garden work plans.

This is due to the peculiarities of each of the phases, we will indicate information that is important to take into account in Table 1.

Moon phaseWhat can you do
New moon

The most unfavorable time for transfer and disembarkation.

Three days of New Moon (before, during and after) you shouldn't approach the garden at all;


Growing - the phase of energy growth, and the rise of juices.

This is the most suitable phase for planting, grafting and transplanting, as a result of increasing the internal potential of plant organisms.

Full moonLike New Moon, this is not the most suitable phase for gardening and gardening. Better to limit yourself to loosening the soil
DecreasingRedirecting the movement of energy and juices to the root, the most suitable phase for working with root crops and bulbs

If you are planning something to do in the garden today or tomorrow - do not be lazy, look at the calendar. This will help you avoid mistakes and find the most suitable time for work.

Is it possible to transplant flowers today according to the lunar calendar

Transplanting is always a huge stress for plants.

To minimize the loss, it is important to take into account not only the state of the flowers, but also the calendar readings:

  • Full Moon - Touching flowers is generally not recommended. The exception is forced measures when the pot has broken and it is impossible to save it except by transplanting;
  • The waning moon is also unfavorable for a transplant. So even minimal damage to the root can result in the death of the plant in the future. During this period, it is quite difficult for flowers to endure any changes. But this is the optimal period for combating harmful insects and viruses;
  • New Moon - it is possible to transplant in this phase, it is not critical, however, if you can wait, it is better not to rush. The fact is that the plant on the New Moon only accumulates strength for the next phase. If a transplant is made, the flower may not even grow for some time, since it is not ready for this traumatic event;
  • Growing is a golden time for rooting, planting and transplanting flowers. The Growing Moon is the peak of the energetic growth of the potential of flowers. They calmly endure transplants if the satellite of the Earth at this time is in a favorable sign of the Zodiac.

It is important to take into account that a flowering plant should not be touched even in favorable phases.

If the plant is healthy, the zodiac symbol is suitable and the Moon is in the right phase, you can start transplanting.

That today, according to the lunar calendar, you can plant

The signs of the zodiac will help to determine what to plant at a specific time and what not.

According to their effect on crops, the signs are divided into those indicated in Table 2.

SignsCharacteristics and features

The first in this group is Cancer.

If the day falls on the Moon in the Cancer phase, you cannot get out of a bountiful harvest.

However, it is important to remember that this crop is not suitable for the role of planting material.

If you want to get not only food products, but also seeds, it is worth waiting for the transition of the Moon to the signs of Scorpio, Capricorn, Libra, Pisces or Taurus.

They will provide sufficient yield and tolerable planting material.


Represented by the three signs Virgo, Sagittarius and Gemini.

It is not worth expecting a huge or even large harvest from plants that were planted during the days of the domination of these zodiacs.

However, if the goal was to grow quality planting material, they are ideal.


The last three signs can rightly be called the most unloved gardeners and gardeners.

Cultures planted under the Moon in Aquarius, Aries or Leo will delight only with stunted seedlings, scanty harvest and the same unprepossessing planting material.

Therefore, it is not worth the risk, it is better to devote time to tillage or harvesting.

The planning of planting seeds and seedlings for the next day must necessarily begin with an appeal to the lunar calendar.

If this is not done, there is a danger of not making a profit, despite all the efforts, but a loss with bitter disappointment.

Planting and caring for plants with a lunar phase orientation is not an eccentricity, but a common precaution of many experienced agronomists.

The prompts from this system help you get the best harvest, adjust the planting schedule for maximum efficiency.

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