Vertical cultivation of strawberries. Possibilities of this method

Today, many gardeners and summer residents grow strawberries on their site. It is only necessary to apply vertical cultivation of strawberries, which, if desired, is not difficult to master.

In order for this culture to bear fruit successfully, it is necessary to artificially create acceptable conditions for it. Any heated and electrically supplied room provides such conditions initially.

In particular, strawberries like temperatures close to room temperature, which is available in most apartments all year round.

The room where vertical strawberry cultivation can be used must have good ventilation. Normal air circulation is regulated by closing or opening a vent or window.

Unlike all the usual strawberries in the beds, in an apartment, plants are planted in plastic bags with a special substrate made of inexpensive materials purchased in a gardening store.

In each bag, which is installed vertically, holes need to be made, where the seedlings should be planted. The simplest shelves, which you can do yourself, will allow you to build two or three tiers, rationally using the available area. In addition, this method of growing strawberries is good in that rot or unwanted diseases will not appear on the strawberries due to the lack of contact with the soil.

Using vertical cultivation of strawberries, you can get up to five harvests a year, savoring fresh strawberries not only in summer, but also in early spring, late autumn, and even in severe frost.

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