Genetically Modified Potatoes Resistant to Pests and Harmful to Health

Genetically Modified Potatoes Resistant to Pests and Harmful to Health

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Genetically modified foods (GMFs) are not expensive, look attractive and cause significant harm to health. Price attracts, distracting attention from quality.

Genetically modified potatoes were first developed by a foreign company Monsanto in the 90s. It is resistant to pests and viruses due to the introduction of the gene of the bacterium Bacillus thuringiensis. Subsequently, the German company BASF presented its modified Amflora potato variety to the public. The Amflora cultivar was unfit for human consumption as its composition had been altered to contain only amylopectin. Therefore, they began to produce starch from it.

Genetically modified potatoes are allowed in Russia. These are two types of the Monstano company and two types of domestic production "Elizaveta plus" and "Lugovskoy plus". Foreign varieties are not adapted to our climatic conditions, and domestic varieties of genetically modified potatoes are allowed for consumption, but cannot be grown. Here's a paradox.

Do not forget about the health hazards from GMF. They greatly weaken the protective functions of the immune system and cause allergies. A connection has been established between genetically modified foods and the appearance of cancer. It is not explicit, but it is. Under the influence of GMF, the human body adapts to antibiotics without responding to their action. As a result, deaths are already known. Chronic fatigue appears due to the accumulation of herbicides, which accumulate GMF.

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