Strawberry diseases

Strawberry diseases

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Every summer resident and gardener strives to maintain his garden in exemplary order, for this purpose he applies fertilizers to the soil, spuds plants, collects pests, water plants. Insect pests can also be a carrier of infection.

It is very difficult to cure the disease, and there are no such medicines, therefore, most often it is necessary to remove the source of the infection in order to prevent infection of other plants in the garden and vegetable garden. The most common are fungal diseases of strawberries, they are activated at the end of summer, if you look at the leaves of strawberries at this time, you can often see that they are affected by powdery mildew. Also in August, fusarium and spotting, late blight are active. So that these unpleasant diseases of strawberries do not become the reason for a lack of harvest, it is necessary to regularly carry out prevention in order to prevent fungal diseases, than to treat them.

• defeat by gray mold;
• defeat by black rot;
• powdery mildew;
• brown spotting;
• brown spotting;
• white spot.

To avoid diseases of garden strawberries, it is necessary to place beds with this crop in open areas where there is a lot of sunlight. A low temperature is favorable for the multiplication of fungal diseases, which lead to a decrease in yield.

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