How to grow leeks at their summer cottage?

Before you grow leeks in your area, you need to choose a suitable place. This biennial plant grows best on land previously harvested with tomatoes, early potatoes and cucumbers.

Leeks and their cultivation

It is necessary to plant seeds previously soaked in water in cylindrical pots. Its diameter must be at least 15 cm. A hole is required at the bottom for water drainage.

Leeks, the cultivation of which has its own characteristics, is characterized by a fairly long growing season. In warm areas, you can plant the plant outdoors in early spring.

As for the soil, it must first be filled with mineral and organic fertilizers.

These include:

  • manure (or compost)
  • superphosphate
  • potassium chloride

In the spring, you need to additionally add nitrogen fertilization - urea and ammonium nitrate. Note that leeks do not tolerate acidic soils. Even their treatment with lime will not help.

Leeks, whose benefits are known to few people, needs regular weeding and loosening.

This plant goes well with meat and vegetable dishes. But some women use it as an independent product, since it is not only tasty, but also dietary.

By the way, the longer the leek is stored, the more ascorbic acid it contains. It is this nuance that distinguishes this plant from other types of onions.

Leeks boost the immune system, treat colds and detoxify. Therefore, it is simply necessary to eat it.

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