Triangular oxalis - butterflies on the window

Triangular oxalis - butterflies on the window

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The name of this flower quite accurately speaks of its main features - its leaves have the correct geometric shape, and due to the presence of oxalic acid, they have a sour taste. Triangular oxalis is one of the most common representatives of a large family (about 800 species) of oxalis (Oxalis) in our latitudes.

Oxalis triangular is a low plant, its height is about 25-30 centimeters. That allows you to grow it at home without any problems. The flowers of the sorrel are small, bell-shaped, collected in umbrella-shaped inflorescences, and although they are cute, they are not at all the main decorative value.

The leaves Triangular oxalis have trifoliate, strongly resembling a moth, very delicate and airy lilac color with a lighter speck in the form of a tick in the middle. And in the evening, during a drought or before rain, the oxalis "falls asleep" leaves fold like the wings of a butterfly.

If you don't have a lot of light at home, then oxalis will suit you perfectly, because it is a shade-tolerant plant. It is best placed on east or west windows. If your windows are facing south, you will need to create shading. If the room is not only light, but also very hot, then the acid should be watered more often, but it is not recommended to increase the humidity level by spraying. Triangular oxalis feels most comfortable in pots with expanded clay or fine foam drainage. In winter, Triangular Kislitsa, like many indoor plants, is rarely watered, but care must be taken to ensure that the soil does not dry out.

An interesting feature of Triangular Kislitsa is the ability to time its flowering to a predetermined date, since tubers can be planted at any time.

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