Garden strawberry varieties catalog

Garden strawberry varieties catalog

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Garden strawberry is one of the most favorite berries of many gardeners. Therefore, to help amateur gardeners, a catalog of strawberry varieties was released, where all varieties are described in more detail: early, ultra-early, medium, early-medium, mid-late and latest, this greatly facilitates the choice of a gardener.

Repaired varieties
Strawberry varieties that can bloom repeatedly or repeatedly, and then bear fruit (yield a harvest) during one growing season are called remontant. These include such varieties as: Sudarushka, Albion, Cardinal. These varieties are frost-resistant and have an early ripening period. Such strawberries bear fruit from the beginning of the yield of common varieties until late autumn.

Early strawberry varieties include Stranger, Talka, Junia Smides, Olivia, Flamingo. The berries are large, very aromatic, some varieties are resistant to powdery mildew. They overwinter well, with little snowy winters, it is recommended to cover strawberry bushes with spruce branches.

Mid late
The catalog of strawberry varieties of this type includes plants of the middle late ripening period: Tsarskoye Selo strawberry, Elsantu, Amulet, Zodiac, Coral 100 and others. Berries can be medium to large in size, very juicy and aromatic. The yield is high. Mid-late strawberry varieties are transportable.

The catalog of strawberry varieties includes modern requirements for garden strawberry varieties, where you can learn more about the description of a particular variety, learn about the processing of strawberry bushes, proper care, and the high technological quality of berries.

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